Trolls (U) ★★★
Directed by: Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel & Justin Timberlake

What's the story?

DESPITE the negative reputation they may have in this world, the Trolls in this particular realm are without a doubt the happiest creatures in the universe. Living in their own secluded little oasis of happiness, the Trolls are ruled by Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and life is nothing but a joyous melody of dancing, singing and jovial frolics.

But as happy, free and lovable as the Trolls are, they have one nemesis in the form of The Bergens, who are big, lumbering sad-sacks who can only achieve happiness by eating Trolls.

However the Trolls are safe and sound in Troll Village, and far away from the grumpy Bergens, so they have nothing to worry about... right?

Wrong! When Princess Poppy arranges a big, loud and impressive party to celebrate Troll freedom from the Bergens, it just happens to catch the attention of the Bergens and, it looks like the Trolls' days are numbered.

Joining forces with a resourceful and realistic Troll named Branch (Justin Timberlake), and meeting up with a host of helpful new friends along they way, Princess Poppy must save the Trolls by showing the Bergens that the key to happiness doesn't rely on eating Trolls.

Any good?

You're in safe hands with Dreamworks when it comes to colourful and family friendly animated movies. The studio responsible for the likes of Shrek, How to Train your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda, Dreamworks certainly know how to make an easy animated hit with wit, and style.

Trolls certainly lives up to this expectation, it's got insanely colourful animation, a host of eccentric characters all wonderfully voiced by an impressive cast, and the somewhat simplistic story is peppered with wit, sassy visual gags and an abundance of charm.

However, whereas the likes of Shrek had elements of a traditional plot with more mature themes that adults and older children could appreciate, there's an element of infancy to Trolls that's hard to overcome.

Yes the gags are funny and the scripting on point with witty one liners, however there's a babyish joy to Trolls that'll see it struggle to appeal to older members of the family and some pre-teens may find this just a little too cutesy for comfort.

Still, if you can embrace the psychedelic and lollipop-colourful animation, along with the pepped-up cheerfulness of it all, Trolls will no doubt prove a hit with your particular brood.

Final word?

Insanely colourful, wacky, silly and mischievous, Trolls delivers an adventure bursting with zest and charm.