CARL Frampton has described himself as the ‘Mexican slayer’ and intends to overcome the challenge of yet another Aztec warrior at the SSE Arena tomorrow night when he takes on Horacio Garcia in his first fight since the defeat to Leo Santa Cruz back in January.
Frampton has faced five previous Mexican opponents, defeating them all, although there was the rematch defeat to Santa Cruz in Las Vegas this year, but he intends to get back to winning ways tomorrow and predicts a career-best display.
Both men weighed-in at 127lbs at the Clayton Hotel this afternoon, one pound over the featherweight limit, but given this is a non-title bout, the limit is of little consequence and it was agreed both could come in slightly over.
A big crowd packed into the Ormeau Avenue venue to catch a glimpse of both men on the scales and Frampton, looking relaxed and confident, is expecting to deliver on a huge night for local boxing.
“The only Mexican who has beaten me is Leo Santa Cruz and I beat him too, so I’m the Mexican slayer,” he said.
“I’ve beaten five or six of them and he is going to be another one.
“The way things have been going in camp, I think this will be the performance of my career. I’m going to be sharp, going to be accurate and I am going to do the job in style.”
The SSE Arena will welcome one of boxing’s superstars as Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez will be ringside to cheer on his stablemate and friend, Garcia.
That suggests the visitor is not merely coming to Belfast to make up the numbers and is confident of victory.
“He’s here to win,” stressed ‘The Jackal’.
“It’s going to be a good night. To have a superstar of world boxing.... Right now, ‘AJ’ (Anthony Joshua) and ‘Canelo’ are the top two superstars of world boxing and to have one sitting at ringside is a big deal.”
Frampton and Garcia have sparred in the past and the 27 year-old from Guadalajara believes those past rounds in the gym have shown him the route to victory over the Belfast favourite.
“I remember everything and remember all of his weak spots,” said Garcia who said the presence of Canelo will give him "extra motivation.”
“I know where I’m going to start off so I’m ready for this.
“I have always been prepared for this type of fight, especially this type of event. It’s what I have always been looking for.
“I am very well prepared and will leave everything in the ring.”
Frampton is also well prepared with Jamie Moore now the man in his corner and he is looking forward to getting back into the ring at the SSE Arena, the venue he scored his last stoppage back in February 2015.
He hopes he can repeat that result against Garcia and feels his performances in the gym can translate into an explosive display tomorrow.
“I have a 100 per cent knockout ratio in the Odyssey and I’m looking to continue that,” he confirmed.
“Obviously I’m looking to win first and foremost, but the way things are going, I think I can get rid of this guy.”