The Little Mermaid
The latest in a long line of live action Disney movie reboots, it's sink or swim for The Little Mermaid as director Rob Marshall's take on the classic story is finally released. Dedicated fans of the House of Mouse will be migrating en masse to the cinema this weekend like pods of gibbering, excitable dolphins and while Disney devotees will view this one through rose-tinted glasses, the more objective viewers out there may see this latest rehash in a very different light. The excellent Halle Bailey looks set to dominate the screen starring as a thoroughly modern Ariel, and it will be interesting to see if Melissa McCarty has what it takes to give audiences a convincingly devious and terrifying Ursula. It's probably best for cynics to steer well clear of this one, everyone else can expect fabulously bubbly special effects and snappy showtunes galore!
Like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger has an annoying habit of resisting retirement at all cost, and the mature beefcake is back in a new Netflix series that sees him play a devoted dad and CIA agent who discovers his daughter is also working secretly as a spook. Brought to the screen by Prison Break creator Nick Santora, this is one spy adventure series that wants to have a little fun while dishing out some thrilling action. Give it a go if you fancy some light thrills this weekend.
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Bed Rest
A psychological chiller that uses every trick in the horror movie rule book in an attempt to make you leap out of your chair, Bed Rest has a fairly decent premise, but ultimately fails to get really under your skin by being a tad too predictable. Melissa Barrera and Guy Burnet star as Julie and Daniel Rivers, an ordinary couple who have been trying for a baby for years, but sadly not getting anywhere. When the couple find that Melissa is pregnant and things are going well for the young family, they decide to move to a bigger place and renovate a rather ramshackle house into a loving family home. Unfortunately for the couple, Melissa begins to experience strange goings-on when they move in, and their dream home soon turns into a living nightmare.
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The Clearing
An adaptation of J.P. Pomare's hit novel, The Clearing tells the story of a child-stealing cult and one woman's determination to infiltrate the gang and put a stop to the madness. Boasting fine performances and a chilling plot that's sure to keep you perched on the edge of your seat for the duration, The Clearing is well worth a go if you're in the mood for a gripping and slightly twisted