IT was a day of celebration at East Belfast’s Skainos Centre as pupils from South Belfast’s Scoil an Droichid and Naíscoil an Droichid put on an storming showcase of song and art.

Art displays from the Naíscoil pupils along with rang seven students were proudly displayed as proud parents, staff and special guests gathered to celebrate the school’s achievements and talents.
“This is a celebration between Scoil an Droichid and Turas, the family and community initiative of East Belfast Mission,” said Principal Fionnuala McCotter. “We are delighted to be working with, sharing with Irish Development Officer at the East Belfast Mission Linda Irvine who volunteered one day a week with our Naíscoil. We have really made fantastic connections and ongoing links and friendships with Turas. We are delighted in that we are the only Irish medium school in South and East Belfast getting a new build and we thought we would reach out and let people see who we are and celebrate Scoil an Droichid and Turas.”