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New housing plan sparks concerns over local access

By Evan Short

Furious residents living off the Whitewell Road say they will do everything in their power to prevent a housing development being built that they claim will adversely impact their ability to access the Antrim Road.

Glengormley-based Abcord Building Services Ltd have submitted a planning application for ten semi-detached homes and a detached house on waste ground opposite Belfast Zoo on the Antrim Road.

But should the building go ahead, it will sever two paths used by residents of Pineview to access public transport on the Antrim Road.

Billy Lynch told the North Belfast News that not only would it cause them inconvenience, but the site is  unsuitable for development.

“There have been problems on that site for as long as I can remember,” he said.

“There are two natural springs there so it doesn’t make sense to build. We have two routes to the Antrim Road and we don’t want to lose them.”

Local Councillor Tierna Cunningham is backing the Pineview residents in their continued opposition to the development of the site.

“Everyone is totally against this,” she said.

“My main concern would be the loss of the two pedestrian routes to the Antrim Road. They have been there for over thirty years and are used hundreds of times a day.”

But Sean Lyttle of Abcord told the North Belfast News that the company intends to press ahead with the development.

He said it should be up to the planning office to decide on whether the site in question was suitable for development.

“I’ve already had all this from them and from Sinn Féin,” he said. “I have already gone through all of this and have explained to them the issues and my architect’s dealing with it. There isn’t a lot more I can do.”

Mr Lyttle confirmed that should the development go ahead, the current pedestrian routes to the Antrim Road used by residents would be closed off.

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