IN the realm of podcasts, a captivating new series has emerged to enchant listeners with the magic of Irish mythology, woven seamlessly with evocative music.

‘Tales of Tuatha Dé Danann’ is an innovative new podcast series produced by Corcra Media and funded by Foras na Gaeilge and is a mesmerizing blend of storytelling and music that breathes new life into ancient tales. The inaugural series focuses on the timeless narrative of the pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne, unfolding across five enthralling episodes, presented both in Irish and English. 
Written and narrated by Gráinne Holland, the stories are brought to life with a captivating musical backdrop from musicians Stephen Loughran and Joseph Campbell McArdle and also featuring music from some of Gráinne’s albums including ‘Corcra’ and ‘Ceol na Sióg’. It was recorded by Stephen Loughran at Violet Studio in Belfast. 
'Scéalta Thuatha Dé Danann' emerges as a unique bridge between the past and the present, seamlessly connecting ancient tales with the contemporary world through its modern storytelling approach. By infusing classic Irish mythological stories with a fresh and relatable narrative, the podcast series ensures that these timeless tales resonate with a modern audience, transcending the confines of time. 
"I love the mythological tales, and I wanted to make them more appealing to contemporary audiences. Adding the musical element not only enhances the storytelling experience but also brings another layer of emotion and depth,” said Gráinne Holland. 
The inaugural episode of Scéalta Thuatha Dé Danann is set to captivate audiences on December 22, aligning with the winter solstice. Beyond being the longest night of the year, the solstice symbolizes a powerful moment in nature—the return of the light.

As the world experiences this celestial event, our podcast invites listeners to embrace the symbolic journey from darkness to light. The series will be available on and will also be going out on every fortnight as well as being available on all major podcast platforms.