SKILLED NI is the modern face and voice of 40 years experience in delivering high quality training programmes, qualifications and opportunities to students across Northern Ireland.

It is where success is achieved; a place where businesses work in partnership; where people learn collaboratively and work together toward their individual goals.

Our expert-driven courses are delivered with a clear focus on quality, tailored training, so that all students can become successful and valued members of the workforce.

Our Work

We offer training in Hairdressing, Hospitality and Catering. We deliver qualifications through the Skills for Life & Work programme, as well as the ApprenticeshipsNI Programme. We also have private training available upon request which is perfect for business owners and managers looking for an effective way to up-skill and build their workforce.


Each of our educators have a vast array of experience in their vocational field, and they work hard to pass this knowledge on to our students. .

At Skilled NI we take pride in the high level of pastoral care and extra-curricular opportunities and development we offer. With our Hair Skills Salon, Chef Skills kitchen facilities, industry visits and our training rooms equipped with the latest technology, each of our students can take advantage of all opportunities available to them.

What’s more, we also have great relationships with some of NI’s leading businesses - perfect for offering our students a great opportunity to learn on the job and get experience working alongside the experts.


We work hard to create a caring and comfortable working environment that encourages everyone to realise their potential


Our high quality and worthwhile training programmes are delivered to students in a format that maximises the opportunity for them to learn, grow and become masters of their own careers.


We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual within our organisation.


Our staff are supported to serve as role models for our students, promoting desirable skills and qualities to inspire each of our students in becoming strong leaders.


We are not just another college. We realise each of our students have lives, dreams and ambitions of their own. We work hard to deliver opportunities that help to enrich and support these through adopting a strategy of holistic development.

Every Day

Showing up every day. Winning every day.

Looking for a course that’s got all the ingredients for success? Allow us to whet your appetite!

Whether you dream of becoming a Commis Chef, Chef de Partie or a Sous Chef, we’re sure to have just what you are looking for on the menu!

Our Chef Educators will help unlock your new flavourful career in Catering and be right with you each step of the way!

Always dreamt of being a cut above? We’ll help you do it in style!

Whether you want to learn perfect colouring, cutting and shampooing or how to pass on your skills to your team, you’ll get it all through training that works. 

Plus, there’s even the option to work towards becoming a Senior Stylist, through our ApprenticeshipsNI programme. Our Hair Skills qualifications are available through Skills for Life and Work, ApprenticeshipsNI and on a private basis.

Checking in to a rewarding career in Hospitality? We’ve got everything you’ll need!

From front office to housekeeping, food & drink and hospitality services - are you ready to rise to the challenge?  Plus, if you already work in hospitality, there’s the option to develop your skills with our Apprenticeships NI programme.

So get in touch today and learn how you can serve up the best - there really is something for everyone!