The doors flew open again at the Clover Group Belfast bar-restaurants this week – much to the delight of thirsty patrons.

Headed by CEO Jim Conlon of the Devenish, the Clover Group establishments reported lively trade as they resumed operations — in line with the Covid guidelines which require food to be served with drinks. Other restrictions mandate the wearing of visors or masks by staff and the collection of contact information for anyone making a booking. 

Jim says the group took advantage of the lockdown to complete renovation work to ensure the bars could ensure social distancing for patrons.

The recently-launched suite of bars includes Pug Ugly's, Fountain Lane, The Jailhouse and Henry's in Joy's Entry as well as Margot beside City Hall and White's Tavern.

"It’s so good to be back," said Jim Conlon in a LinkedIn posting. "To all our staff, customers, friends and followers from Belfast and beyond, we thank you for you continued support.  Here’s to the future."

And he told that he was "very positive about Belfast". "You can't give in to the doom and gloom," he said. "Once you do that, you just pull the city down with you. The reality is that there are tourists about and while the city centre has a fair bit to go yet before it's fully back, there is demand for places and spaces where people can meet friends to socialise and enjoy life."

Protecting patrons will be a priority, says Jim Conlon. "We have been able to think outside the box to ensure social distancing in our establishments by using outdoor spaces. At Henry's, we've created a canvass covering for the outside area while at Pug Ugly's, facing the BBC, they've built a magical outdoor space at the back which they're branding as The Boneyard."

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White's is the only hostelry in the Clover Group which is yet to open. "It's a very traditional Irish pub which was built long before social distancing was ever thought of so we have a bit more work to do there to make it ready for the new era," added Jim. "Overall though, I wanted to post this uplifting video (above) on social media and let people know, not just that we are playing our part to get the city back on its feet, but that we are confident Belfast will have a bright future."