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Sectarian attacks and PSNI categorization

By Staff Reporter


Friday, June 28 An Ardoyne mural depicting Our Lady of Medjugorje Mural was paint bombed. Not reported.

Sunday, July 7 Man out walking his dog close to Whitla Street Fire Station attacked by a number of men, at least one of whom was armed. Man who helped victim fight off attackers called ‘Fenian B*****d” – Police investigate it as armed robbery. Later say “all lines of enquiry” being investigated after witness branded it a sectarian attack.

Wednesday, July 10 20-year-old Westland man has ear bitten off in attack at the top of the Waterworks. PSNI immediately branded the incident sectarian, but later retracted that description classifying it as an assault stemming from a drunken brawl.

July 12 weekend J&K Sons auto yard on interface at the top of Rosapenna Street was petrol bombed and two cars burnt out. Police refused to confirm they were sectarian, with a spokesman reporting the incident was being treated as arson.

Wednesday, July 17 On the morning of the Cliftonville – Celtic match graffiti was scrawled across Cliftonville FC mural outside Solitude linked to Linfield and Rangers. J&K Sons auto-yard petrol bombed again with one car burnt out. Incident investigated as arson.

Wednesday, July 24 Ligoniel mural paint bombed and bonfire nearby set alight. Not reported.

Friday, July 26 A Marrowbone mural commemorating people from area who were killed during The Troubles and one depicting the Hunger Strikers was paint bombed. Not reported.

Saturday, July 27 Two cars kept by the owner of J&K Sons at another location were burnt out.

Sunday, July 28 J&K Sons auto-yard was once more attacked with four cars torched. After several queries from NBN police confirmed attacks were now being treated as sectarian in nature because ‘owner believed them to be so’

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