AS I sit down to pen these words we have just finished putting up our Christmas tree. I have always loved Christmas, but this year is different. This year, hope is hard, belief is hard, resilience is hard, and many of us are weary. In the midst of another lockdown, it is a daily task to guard our hearts against compassion fatigue.

Advent is about longing, wondering, anticipating and waiting. Advent reminds us that the baby is coming – but He is not here yet. It’s a time to prepare, pause, reflect and even come to terms with the fact that many of us are not particularly looking forward to this season.
Our hearts and chairs are empty with the loss of our loved one
Our struggling finances
Our fragile relationships
Our frail bodies crippled by illness
Our anxiety levels at an all-time high
Our shattered dreams
Our failed attempts at adjusting to life during a pandemic
But all is not lost.
Advent provides us with the space to get real with what is happening to us, and within us. It’s okay to not feel festive and merry. It’s okay to not feel soothed by the Christmas carols. It’s okay to look at the beauty of the Christmas lights and not to have spark. It’s okay to admit things are hard and you are hurting.
As we begin this journey of advent I invite you over the next few weeks to get your sandals on and walk some ancient dusty paths with me. Allow this season to remind you that peace, light, joy and hope is on the way. Dare to believe broken hearts can be mended, what feels empty can be filled, and that light can break into what appears to be dark.
The Christmas story is about Rebuilding, Restoring, Repairing and Reviving.  

Advent tells our weary world that all is not lost.