HERE’S a picture of a cake shop in Old Swan, Liverpool, that Squinter took during his recent visit to the city.

Squinter’s seen a few eyecatching cakes in his time, not least the marching season doozy on Facebook of an East Belfast kid’s birthday cake in the shape of a bonfire complete with tyres and pallets.

But this scale model of Downtown Abbey takes the, ah, biscuit. There’s no price attached and Squinter couldn’t enquire because the shop was closed at the time, but you have to suppose the time and effort required to make and bake something like that would put it outside the price range of most.

Which kind of misses the point, of course, because there aren’t many people who would buy something like this and then cut it to pieces, and since it’s a perishable item, there’s no question of it being put into the loft as an investment. It’s a conversation piece and in that role it’s serving its function admirably, as it prompted Squinter not only to take this picture, but to write this piece about it.

Plenty of cake shops in West Belfast, of course, and Squinter’s certain somebody has the talent to do something like this with a local angle.

Divis Tower, perhaps? Connolly House, maybe? St Peter’s? The RVH?

Get baking.