They came after a call from the so-called UK Freedom Movement for a mass protest against the coronavirus lockdown but their complaints went way beyond the restrictions which forbid public gatherings.

Global conspiracies involving Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation were cited by the Ormeau Park protesters as reasons why they opposed the lockdown laws and doubted whether there was a pandemic at all.

Around 30 individuals — all carefully observing the government's social distance advisory — were involved in the Ormeau Park protest against the Covid-19 "false flag" emergency.

For much of the time, newspaper reporters, photographers and the police outnumbered the protesters who included. As joggers and locals out walking their dogs enjoyed the park, one woman railed against the release of daily figures as a device to frighten the public.

Another cast doubt on the truth of the media reporting on the crisis. 

One woman complained bitterly about the use of vaccines, citing infamous anti-vaxxer Bobby Jr, Kennedy, and railed against Bill Gates for allegedly funding the BBC.

South Belfast MLA Christopher Stalford had branded the decision to call the mass gathering "reckless and dangerous". 

The PSNI had strongly advised the public against taking part in the event.