Families of IRA volunteers who lost their lives in the conflict have been paying their own private tributes to their loved ones.

Traditionally, republican Easter parades take place in North Belfast on Easter Monday and Tuesday.

However, with all public commemorations on hold, families of IRA members have been making their own private visits to the republican memorial garden in Ardoyne which honours republican dead from Ligoniel, Ardoyne and the Bone.

Among those laying wreaths at the garden today were relatives of Dennis Brown, a 28-year-old IRA volunteer who was shot dead by the British Army in Ballysillan in 1978 along with fellow-volunteers Jackie Mailie and James Mulvenna as they tried to plant incendiary bombs in a post office. The three were unarmed when ambushed by undercover British soldiers. A passer-by William Hanna was also shot dead in the attack. 

Video by Thomas McMullan.