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Children lauded for Lagmore discovery

Wildlife find is good news

By Francesca Ryan

Two local schoolchildren have been lauded after making a discovery that proves wildlife is alive and well in West Belfast.

Ronan and Enya Daye came across a Smooth Newt in Lagmore Glen on Tuesday and stopped by the Andersonstown News to showcase their exciting find.

“My two kids Ronan and Enya found this newt on the edge of Lagmore Glen,” proud father Gerard Daye explained.  “We brought it to the Belfast Hills Partnership and it was identified as a Smooth Newt and was added to an identity website for nature lovers.

“This is an extremely good indicator of the water quality at Lagmore Glen and shows the biodiversity of the Glen,” he added.

“We will be putting it back where we found it as this is a top class site and it should be protected.”

Jim Bradley, Manager of the Belfast Hills Partnership, said the find was an extremely good sign.

“It’s great to get this sort of information from members of the public about what’s out and about,” he said. “It shows there is plenty of wildlife in Lagmore and I hadn’t seen newts in that area before.

“Newts aren’t rare but the conditions they need to survive have been decreasing rapidly in last 20 years so it’s important to keep and eye on those areas and ensure they’re well managed.



“Old reservoirs or quarries can be a fantastic for newts, insects and plants and it’s particularly good to have that wildlife in urban areas.

“When you look at Lagmore, Colinglen and Half Moon Lake, there are ranges of wildlife sites on this urban fringe and it all adds up to being important for the wildlife of the hills and the wildlife of Belfast.

“The fact that the family were going back to release what they found is great, as it’s vital these types of things are returned to nature.

“Anyone with any other interesting finds or photos of wildlife can contact us and we can help, or direct them to another organisation that can.”

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