A NEWTOWNABBEY residents' group has called for wasteland to be turned into a green space for children in the area.

The piece of land in Abbeyville Street was formerly a building owned by the Education Authority. It has since been bought by a developer with the building demolished.

An application had been submitted to Antrim and Newtownabbey Council to build ten houses but it was withdrawn before this week's Planning Committee meeting.

Emmanuel Mullen, from Whiteabbey Residents' Association said the community would prefer a green space for children in the area.

"This land is the only green space left in Abbeyville and we have kids walking the streets," he said. "The mental and physical wellbeing of the young generation is vital in the community. 

"They need to be active and there needs to be a facility in Abbeyville were the young generation and adults can socialise and take part in activities both indoors and outdoors. This will be good for everyone's mental health and build a strong confident community. 

"Over the last 30 years or more I have seen perfectly good buildings being bought and demolished by developers to build private apartments and private housing. Some of the buildings were historical on a local level and held fond memories."