A WEST Belfast solicitor has teamed up with a local vehicle accident management company to provide a service to anyone involved in a car accident.

Helen Burns, who hails from West Belfast, has specialised in road traffic accidents for over 20 years and previously worked for several years in the insurance industry.

Helen Burns Solicitors have secured millions of pounds in compensation for her clients in personal injury cases, giving you the confidence that your case is being handled by a specialist solicitor who will achieve the maximum compensation for your injury claim.

Helen has now teamed up with Impact NI, a local accident management company headed up by local man Tommy Fitzsimmons who has helped thousands of motorists get back in the driving seat following a non-fault car crash.  Helen has supported the local community for many years by raising money for Foodstock,and sponsoring St Agnes’ Boxing Club. Likewise Tommy has also been sponsoring St Agnes’ Boxing Club, St John’s GAC, Fight Academy Ireland with Liam Shannon and Action Cancer.

Impact NI really do remove the stress that follows a road traffic accident by offering complete support and guidance from the RTC scene, recovery, car, van, taxi replacement and repair no matter where your accident occurs in the North of Ireland. Even if you have had an accident in the Republic of Ireland, they can help. Impact NI are from West Belfast, employing local people. Tommy has been in the credit hire industry assisting road users since 2008, so very well experienced.

Thanks to a new partnership with Helen Burns Solicitors, Impact NI now offer a local legal representative to ensure every aspect of the client’s needs are covered. Clients also benefit from local vehicle engineers and local accident repair centres.

Helen advised most people are unaware their car insurance premium will go up even if they are involved in a non-fault accident once they lodge a claim with their own insurance company. 

There are several reasons for their own insurance company to increase their policy premium following an accident:

You drive within an at-risk area.  For example, your car was hit as you were driving down the street you live in or route you take to work.  Your insurance company will consider the street a slightly more dangerous street than previously considered and by you using it frequently will deem the risk higher of it happens again, therefore your premium increases.

Pending Claim. You are involved in a non-fault accident and ask your insurance to deal with your own car’s vehicle repairs. Your vehicle is repaired, and the repairing garage is paid for the repairs by your insurance company who now turn to the at fault drivers’ insurance company  for reimbursement for the vehicle repairs. This could take months or more to settle and in the meantime your policy is up for renewal and there is an outstanding claim on your policy that has not been settled therefore your premium increases.

Losing your no claims bonus. Once you make a claim on your own insurance some insurance companies will reduce, if not wipe away your no claims bonus, which will result in your premium increasing.

Helen added: “The best thing to do to avoid your premium increasing is to contact Helen Burns Solicitors on 02890 329338 or Impact NI on 02890 388388.  

"We will take care of your vehicle,  your own vehicle will be recovered from the accident scene and placed in secure storage if required, we will have your car assessed by a vehicle assessor and repaired while providing you with a similar vehicle while your vehicle is off the road.

"We can do this for everyone including taxi drivers, driving schools, van drivers and prestige vehicle owners. You report the accident to your insurers for reporting purposes only advising them you have a solicitor dealing with your vehicle. The accident will be logged by your insurers for reporting purposes only and no claim file opened.

“I teamed up with Impact NI as I was aware of their excellent reputation and service they provide. Prior to this I was having to use other companies for my clients who required replacement vehicles.  Some of these companies did not have cars available for my clients, they could not provide replacement taxi vehicles, or the quality of their vehicles were poor.  

"You want the best for your client’s and Impact NI have one of the best, if not the best reputation for quality service to their client’s that I know.  They are thorough, professional and they give it the personal touch by always going the extra mile which is what I wanted for my clients.

"They are in safe hands and now everything can be dealt with from vehicle repairs, vehicle replacement and the personal injury aspect, all under the one roof, making the process a lot easier and quicker for the client.  

"Tommy is a great local guy and very hands on. Tommy and his team will take care of everything for you. I am delighted to be working with him and provide a top-class service for our clients which includes PSV taxi drivers and private vehicle owners getting you back on the road quickly. Tommy and I are highly experienced in our field.”

If you have been involved in a non-fault accident, make Helen Burns solicitors or Impact NI your first call to getting you back on the road and compensated for your injuries.
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