SOUTH Belfast Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has called for a more effective solution to tackle dumping in alleyways across the constituency.

Numerous complaints have been made by local residents in the Stranmillis area this week about the amount of waste with reports of high levels of fly-tipping and bins overflowing.  

“It is outrageous that residents of Stranmillis have to pay rates for their home and yet are living in squalor,” said Ms Bradshaw. 


“Cleansing teams did visit the area after I raised this with Council, but it is time for a more effective solution to dumping in alleyways across South Belfast and perpetrators of fly-tipping need to be held to account."

Ms Bradshaw said that it is beyond an issue of its appearance and that it is a public health issue that encourages rats and other vermin.  

“Whilst I welcome the work that has been done to date around the installation of alleygates, it seems that waste collection can no longer keep up with the demand generated by the sheer number of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)," she continued. 

"Currently, the alleyways in Stranmillis are without alleygates and the problems in the area are clear to see. 

“I have written to the Chief Executive of Belfast City Council to ask what more can be done to ensure that waste management can cope with the increased demand caused by HMOs. Communities need to see solutions.”