AS the colours change on the trees, the joy of the artistic exhilaration of noting the changing seasons can be seen in Simon McWilliams' window view paintings currently at the Golden Thread Gallery.

Having admired his exuberant yellow tree painting, it is delightful to see the same view out of the bay window but at a different time of year. The painting is part of an exhibition between mother and son, Catherine and Simon McWilliams, where their motifs echo each other and by chance and not design make a coherent exhibition of painting and sculpture. At first chance the 3D crow looks to be pure bronze only at closer inspection for the bronze, wood and plaster piece to reveal its materiality.

Simon has moved into the studio of his father, the late Joe McWilliams, in North Belfast and says the light and space is perfect. The family has also put together a great resource of his artwork on a website for scholarly research.

But the focus of this textural exhibition is very much Simon and Catherine and can be viewed on many levels, purely decorative, or a comment on climate change perhaps? Looking beyond the veil of life? It’s very much up to the interpretation of the viewer.

The Root and Branch exhibition runs at the Golden Thread Gallery until October 15 and is open Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 5pm and Saturday 11am to 4pm.

The gallery is also currently looking for volunteers to get involved in aspects of the gallery's work. A series of free family workshops is available. For more information, please visit their website. 

If you're interested in the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s art collection, Joanna Johnston, visual arts and collection officer, gave a talk recently supported by Art UK with Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The talk is available online and it reminded me that no matter how much you learn about art there is something new to discover – from the start of the collection, which was mostly paintings, to how it developed over the years to be more reflective of the breadth of so many different arts practices.

Francesca Bondi of Gallery 545 has spread her wings to Lisburn Island Art Centre with a special exhibition celebrating some accomplished artists who have achieved recognition locally and internationally.

Highlighting the diversity of their practice over two galleries, the exhibition shows sculpted figures, textiles, glass and paintings.

Like many arts activities in different council premises scheduled to open last weekend only to find themselves postponed due to official mourning, the galleries are now open.

Over twenty artists feature including Rosie McGurran, Jennifer Trouton, Ashley B Holmes, Anushiya Sundhralingham and Majella Clancy, who also has a solo exhibition currently open at QSS Gallery space until September 22.

The Contemporary Art in Northern Ireland Exhibition runs at Lisburn Island Art Centre until  October 8 and is open Monday to Saturday.