SINN Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has called for a loyalist bonfire located on a North Belfast interface to be removed.

The bonfire has been built in Adam Street, close to Duncairn Gardens and the New Lodge.

A video has also circulated on social media showing a male standing on top of the bonfire hitting golf balls into the New Lodge.

Mr Kelly said: “The bonfire has been built deliberately close to the nationalist New Lodge to create interface trouble. It needs to be removed. 


“A person was on video hitting golf balls into the New Lodge area damaging cars and hitting people’s homes.  

“It was pure luck that no residents were injured. Residents and local political representatives were there until late in the night and also witnessed petrol bombs being thrown. 

“Residents should not have to endure such attacks which have been growing in number. 

“If there is a wish to have a bonfire in the Tiger’s Bay area then it must be moved away from the interface as it is the scene that sectarian attacks are launched from.” 

SDLP MLA Nichola Mallon and Councillor Paul McCusker met with Justice Minister Naomi Long to discuss a collective approach to tackling ongoing interface violence and anti-social behaviour.

Speaking after the meeting, the North Belfast MLA said: “Residents in the New Lodge  continue to be terrorized as a result of anti-social behaviour and disturbances at the interface.  

“No one should have to live like this and it has to stop. The only way it will be brought to a lasting end is by coordinated action in the immediate term and with a clear focus and commitment to tackling the root causes. 

“Councillor Paul McCusker and I had a positive meeting with the Justice Minister Naomi Long on a range of actions that could be taken in the here and now and going forward, involving a number of government departments, organisations, the council and importantly the local community as their views and voices are key.

“The solution requires partnership working, buy-in from various agencies and continued support for our youth services on the ground. Residents and families should not have to feel threatened in their own homes and we will continue to pursue ways to protect and support them and improve their quality of life, which is the very least they deserve.”