MEMBERS of Colin Neighbourhood Partnership Men’s Shed has reported a significant boost in mental health, communication and overall well-being after participating in a unique Mindfulness programme.

The SECRET Programme, a unique personal development and mindfulness initiative designed by Veronica Ellis from Mindfulness Connected Learning, is built on the Public Health Agency’s five steps to well-being.

Participants reported a wide range of positive outcomes including improved mental health, reduced stress levels, enhanced communication skills, greater self-understanding and understanding of others, increased meaning and joy in life and a sense of camaraderie and shared experience.

Each session explored components through mindfulness practice, activities, reflections, and group discussions. The programme also offered monthly listening spaces and a rejuvenating retreat in the Mourne Mountains.

Veronica Ellis, facilitator of the programme, said: "I'm thrilled to see the positive impact The SECRET Programme has had on the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership Men's Shed.

"This programme is designed to be accessible and engaging, allowing participants to develop practical mindfulness skills that enhance their well-being and connection with others. The men's dedication and enthusiasm throughout the course were truly inspiring."

"The SECRET Programme provides a valuable framework for personal growth and well-being. Colin Men’s Shed’s positive experience demonstrates the programme’s effectiveness in a group setting."

For further information about Colin Men’s Shed please contact Umberto Scappaticci, Community Development Officer, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership tel: 028 9062 3813 or email