SO many migration watch-type organisations will tell you that they are campaigning against net migration. They will repeat this mantra that despite repeated promises to reduce immigration from successive governments, net migration is at a record high. They should get to the point. The elephant in their room is the number of black people in the house is too much for them to deal with. That is their problem. If you can't appreciate the true industrious and industrial value of black and other minority ethnic newcomers,then you have a big problem.

Get your act together, perform a new industrial revolution. Not the one that many now sovereign countries are still paying for, an organic industrial revolution where the worker is paid very well for what's their worth. Imagine Northern Ireland getting back to its once famed industries and trades. Why don't we increase the unit number of migrants so that we rebuild this economy? Those  shamefully complaining that there are too many balck men walking around aimlessly on “our streets” say: “Send them home.” Wrong. These men and women should stay here and should benefit from every single thing going for the UK, Irish or European citizens domiciled here.

Why do we say that their rights are your rights? This is because they need to work and are ready to work. We should care what the North can do better for its economy before we think of Britain or Dublin. Absolutely. We can't have so many people with skills asking for recognition through work which they can't get immediately because of their asylum situation. It does not add up. 

The people who are here as asylum seekers and refugees, and more coming, should be part of a new industrial leap forward in the North. Invest NI, the Trade Department, Chambers of Commerce, anyone with two cents in their thinking about the re-industrialisation of the North must get their act together, mobilise themselves and form a strong voice for using the new migrants for the re-industrial revolution.

There are thousands of myths and mini-myths of creation among African tribes. One myth goes like this, lest you accused this writer of intolerance. The Shiluk of the Sudan say that the god Juok created people from earth. She took white loamy soil for the white men and women. She took brownish earth for the Arab. But for the black people ,the best, purest earth was used – the fertile black-gray of the River Nile’s banks. 

These black people you see now in Belfast, in more numbers than twenty years ago. are a true blessing for turning the economy around. Today you know that your takeaway food is brought to your doorstep by African cyclists. Correct this statement if it’s wrong. They are mostly young men from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Some (but not all) of the people who eat these ferried delivery foods complain about too many black people landing here. Just stop it,wind your neck in pronto.