A WEST Belfast community farm has been attacked with bricks in the latest incident of anti-social behaviour.

St James' Community Farm, located at St James' Road and the Bog Meadows, issued a statement on their Facebook page after the latest incident on Thursday night.

"Last night about ten male youths attacked our farm with bricks. They got into animal field and verbally threatened a female member of staff," the statement said.

"This has been a regular occurrence for the last three weeks. We have had wooden pallets that the goats use taken and burnt and the goats playground damaged. The animals were terrified last night with the bricks hitting the metal of our building.

"From this evening the farm volunteers will be there monitoring the farm. We would appreciate any support from members of the community and animals will be brought in early.

"We also have pictures of faces of some of those involved last night and will not hesitate to post them if this happens again. We would also like to point out that these youths were not local to St James'."