THE FUNERAL of Kaitlin McCoubrey Fullerton has taken place at Corpus Christi chapel where she was due to make her First Holy Communion in May.

Addressing the congregation, an emotional Fr Paddy McCafferty told mourners how Kaitlin loved school and spending time with her sisters and friends. 

"There are no words to describe the sorrow and heartbreak of her parents and her friends and family and of all those who love her and all those who are affected so deeply by this terrible accident," he said. 

"Also, there are no words to describe the joy Kaitlin is now experiencing in the indescribable beauty of the world beyond this valley of tears. She is safe with her heavenly Father. With Jesus whom she was looking forward so much to receiving in Holy Communion and all the celebrations which would have been part of that day. She loved playing with her friends. Her playmates now are angels and saints."

The Corpus Christi cleric said faith was a comfort in the most testing of times.
"It is at the darkest moments of our lives that our faith shines most brightly," he said.  "Faith is truly a light, a lamp for our steps and what we celebrate at Easter is the defeat of death. The resurrection of Our Lord Jesus means that death is not the end for us. It is the doorway through which we pass to enter what Jesus tells us is the fullness of life.

He added: "Our lives in this world pass swiftly. Our destiny is in the glory and the joy which as yet cannot be described or imagined and your little girl is already there. She is immersed in the heavenly light and peace."

Kaitlin McCoubrey-Fullerton was laid to rest in the City Cemetery.