THE Nazis gassed their prisoners before they incinerated them. In Rafah the refugee women and children in shacks and tents were not even afforded that. One has to assume the difference is that Israeli drone operators either have the sound turned off or they enjoy the sounds of Palestinian screams.

The Zionist population believe that the complete annexation of Palestine is worth the decapitation or body shredding of countless Palestinian babies. They believe that Palestinian mothers are to be exterminated. They believe that genocide is right.

In Washington, policy makers are the same. They have full access to the imagery we watch. They can see that in a refugee camp housing thousands, a furnace of human bodies was ignited by US bombs. They cannot avert their eyes enough to unsee that the attack on the camp in Tal as-Sultan came after Israeli forces bombed shelters housing displaced Palestinians in other areas, including Jabalia, Nuseirat and Gaza City, killing at least 160 others. But they will seek shelter in each other’s denial.

In 1999 Tony Blair decided there was an international moral imperative to intervene in Kosovo. He spoke in the House of Commons making an impassioned plea for protection of the many thousands of displaced Kosovans now at risk as a result of President Milosovic's Serbian actions. Subsequently Nato went to war to save the "humanity of the displaced". In 2024 no-one acts to save the displaced in Palestine. Not Nato. Not the bizarrely neutered Arab league. Only the medics, the humanitarian relief agencies and the journalists that have not yet been murdered continue to try to save the lives in the midst of what the United Nations has called “Hell on Earth”.

The “right of Israel to defend itself” after October 7 was turned into a permission slip to create Hell on Earth, while the real estate under the bombed-open graveyard of Gaza is sold in some synagogues in Manhattan.

It is clear that Israel hates international law and peacekeepers nearly as much as it hates Palestinians. Yet the international signatories to the Rome Statute do not stand up for its defence. We can only speculate on why UN peacekeeping forces go to Lebanon and ignore what happens 240 miles away, when it is the same conflict. Or why the Egyptian army stand at a border where their own soldiers are murdered by the same soldiers starving Palestinian families to death. How is this happening?

In decades to come the future version of the History Channel will show parents holding up the pieces of their dismembered children with a backdrop of burning bodies in tents and ask that question. And there will be insufficient answers from any of us who might survive until then, or from the records that will hold pages upon pages of words.

The right to defence, to resistance or to request armed intervention somehow does not apply to the people of Palestine. Instead, we share videos of the denigration of the meaning of the term humanity and hope that declaring Palestinian statehood or issuing arrest warrants will create a shift for at least the backers of Israel.

But the truth is that the axis of Israeli, American and British evil is impervious to its own laws and standards. And instead, we await history’s judgement on our generation’s apocalyptic failure.