THE Housing Executive has launched a new community safety strategy aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour.
Running until 2023, the new strategy, Working Together for Safer Communities, has seen the creation of an action plan which commits the housing organisation to improve reporting of antisocial behaviour and building community confidence.
Commenting on the strategy, Colm McQuillan, Director of Housing Services at the Housing Executive, said: “We are committed to ensuring all forms of anti-social behaviour are tackled appropriately.
“While the majority of our areas are safe and popular places to live, we recognise that nuisance and anti-social behaviour are real issues that can impact significantly on local families.
“It is important that residents know what to do if they are worried about anti-social behaviour and – just as importantly – to know their reports will be taken on board and acted upon.
“The easiest way to report anti-social behaviour is to ring our General Enquiries Line on 03448 920 900 and ask to speak to your Patch Manager.
“If anti-social behaviour is more serious or criminal, then you can call the PSNI on 101.
“We are also happy to take anti-social behaviour referrals from a relative, a friend or an advocate, if you’d prefer someone else to make contact on your behalf.
“It is always advised that residents provide us with as much detail as they possibly can, in order to allow our teams to investigate the issues thoroughly.
“However, you can still provide information anonymously via our website at  where you can also view our new strategy.”
Linda Watson, Chairperson of the Central Housing Forum and Vice-Chair of Supporting Communities, said: “I’m pleased to welcome the launch of the Housing Executive Community Safety Strategy 2020-2023, Working Together for Safer Communities.
“Anti-social behaviour is disruptive in our estates and communities. Such behaviours can undermine communities and have a long term impact on the lives of tenants and neighbours.
“On behalf of the Central Housing Forum, I would encourage all members of the Housing Community Network to take time to consider the Strategy and Action Plan and to think how they can work with the Housing Executive and other stakeholders to ensure that our estates and neighbourhoods continue to be safe places to live.”