11.55am: Exhausted? We go again. Join us here.

11.57pm: Black Mountain DEA: We finally have the final seat and it has gone to the Sinn Fein woman Róis-Máire Donnelly making it a clean sweep for the Nationalist Party at the unfortunate expense of Matt Collins (PBP) who is now eliminated.

Ciaran Beattie (Sinn Féin)

Arder Carson (Sinn Féin)

Michael Donnelly (Sinn Féin)

Ronan McLaughlin (Sinn Féin)

Áine McCabe (Sinn Féin)

Paul Doherty (SDLP)

Róis-Máire Donnelly (Sinn Féin)

11.42pm: We are nearly there folks- just one more seat to be decided tonight- in Black Mountain DEA between Róis-Máire Donnelly (Sinn Féin) and Matt Collins (PBP).

11.40pm: All seats in Court DEA have been declared. The following six councillors have been elected:

Frank McCoubrey (DUP)

Tina Black (Sinn Féin)

Nicola Verner (DUP)

Claire Canavan (Sinn Féin)

Ian McLaughlin (DUP)

Ron McDowell (TUV- No Sea Border)

11:31pm: Court DEA: TUV candidate Ron McDowell has won the final seat in Court as he edges out Cailín McCaffrey (PBP) and Billy Hutchinson (PUP) following their exclusion.

10.59pm: Black Mountain DEA: Following exclusion of Aontú and IRSP, Róis-Máire Donnelly (Sinn Féin) is ahead of Matt Collins (PBP) by just 69.29 votes.

10.52pm: Black Mountain DEA: "Too close to call" for final seat between Róis-Máire Donnelly (Sinn Féin) and Matt Collins (PBP). Upcoming stages crucial.

10.38pm: Sinn Féin have made a gain in Lisburn-Castlereagh. Ryan Carlin has just brought his running mate Daniel Bassett.

10.29pm: Áine McCabe has been elected for Blackmountain DEA with one seat left to be called.

10.27pm: Blackmountain DEA: Paul Doherty (SDLP) elected with two seats still to go.

10.20pm: Ian McLaughlin (DUP) elected for Court DEA with one seat still to go. Ally Haydock (Alliance) eliminated. One more seat to go- set for TUV.

9.49pm: Black Mountain DEA: Dan Murphy (IRSP) and Gerard Herdman (Aontú) have been eliminated. 3 seats still to be decided- 2 SF, SDLP and PBP all in the mix.

9.27pm: Court DEA: Michael Kelly (IRSP) has been eliminated. DUP and TUV still waiting for two remaining two seats to be finalised.

9.12pm: A video update on the state of play at Belfast City Hall

9pm: All seats in Balmoral DEA have been declared. The following five councillors have been elected:

Geraldine McAteer (Sinn Féin)

Tara Brooks (Alliance)

Donal Lyons (SDLP)

Sarah Bunting (DUP)

Micky Murray (Alliance)

8.58pm: BALMORAL DEA: Micky Murray (Alliance) secures the party's second seat. 

8.57pm: Balmoral DEA: Gareth Spratt (DUP) and Sean Napier (Sinn Féin) have been eliminated.

8:32pm: COURT DEA: Two eliminations in Court, Olcan McSparron (SDLP) and Sara Haller (Green Party) both out of the running with just the two seats remaining.

8.26pm: LISNASHARRAGH DEASéamas de Faoite (SDLP) has also been elected after a close battle with Stevie Jenkins.

8.15pm: Lisnasharragh DEA: Eric Hanvey (Alliance) and Brian Smyth (Green Party) have been elected. 

All seats in Lisnasharragh have been declared. The following have been elected:

Davy Douglas (DUP)

Bradley Ferguson (DUP)

Michael Long (Alliance)

Eric Hanvey (Alliance)

Brian Smyth (Green Party)

Séamas de Faoite (SDLP)

8:05pm: BALMORAL DEA: The DUP seal a seat with Sarah Bunting being elected. There is one seat left to play for in Balmoral which looks set for Alliance. Joshua Lowry (UUP) has been eliminated.

7:55pm: BLACK MOUNTAIN DEA: Ronan McLaughlin has taken a fourth seat for Sinn Fein.

7:54pm: Ursula Meighan (Workers Party) and Ryan Brown (Alliance) are both eliminated. Paul Doherty is looking confident with him needing just 277 to make the quota.

7.45pm: Glengormley DEA councillors are: Alison Bennington (DUP) Eamonn McLaughlin (SF) Paula Bradley (DUP) Julian McGrath (Alliance) Mark Cosgrove (UUP) Rosie Kinnear (SF) Michael Goodman (SF)

7.42pm: Sinn Féin have secured three seats in Glengormley DEA. New candidate Eamonn McLaughlin is elected alongside Michael Goodman and Rosie Kinnear. SDLP councillor Noreen McClelland has lost her seat.

7.39pm: The 6 councillors elected in Castle DEA are Brónach Anglin (Sinn Féin), Conor Maskey (Sinn Féin), Fred Cobain (DUP), Dean McCullough (DUP), Sam Nelson (Alliance) and Carl Whyte (SDLP).

7.38pm: CASTLE DEA: SDLP's Carl Whyte takes the final seat, after an all-day close battle with Green Party leader Mal O'Hara. 

7.37pm: Castle DEA: Green Party leader Mal O'Hara has been eliminated and lost his seat in Belfast City Council.

7.28pm: Michael Long (Alliance) elected in Lisnasharragh DEA, reports are that Eric Hanvey (Alliance) won't be long behind. Brian Smyth (Green Party) is expected to take the last seat with Sinn Féin's Stevie Jenkins just falling short.


7.07pm: Castle DEA - After the next stage, SDLP's Carl Whyte leads Green Party leader Mal O'Hara by 133.65 in battle for final seat.

6.58pm: Tony Walls (Workers Party) has been eliminated from the count in Court DEA at the latest update and Sinn Féin's Claire Canavan is just six votes shy of meeting the quote of 1718 and the DUP's Ian McLaughlin is 15 shy.


6.43pm: No changes in the latest Lisnasharragh DEA update but Michael Long (Alliance) and Séamus de Faoite (SDLP) are nearing the quota. Michael Long is 72 votes away and Séamus de Faoite is 77.

6.08pm- Black Mountain DEA: Stevie Maginn (Green Party) has been eliminated. 

6.00pm- Castle DEA: Sam Nelson (Alliance) and Dean McCullough (DUP) both elected. Final seat battle between Carl Whyte (SDLP) and Green Party leader Mal O'Hara.

5.55pm: Lisnasharragh DEA - Bill Manwaring (UUP) has been eliminated from the count.


5.45pm: Court DEA - TUV candidate Ron McDowell looks highly likely for a seat in the Court area with his vote count currently sitting at 1093.4. 

5.22pm: Tara Brooks (Alliance) has been elected for Balmoral DEA. 


5.19pm: Castle DEA: SDLP's Carl Whyte (1511.28) leads Green Party Leader Mal O'Hara (1225.75). Exclusion of Workers Party, PBP and UUP to come now- could decide who gets the last seat between the two. Dean McCullough (DUP) and Sam Nelson (Alliance) will be elected. #BelfastLE23 #LE23

5.11pm: First Minister Designate Michelle O'Neill and Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald have entered City Hall and are speaking on running a positive campaign. Michelle O'Neill said this vote was about local issues but also most importantly it was about sending a message to get the Executive back up and running. Mary Lou McDonald praised the positive progressive campaign and said the party had made gains all across the board.

5.10pm: Castle DEA: Lily Kerr (Workers Party) Barney Doherty (PBP) and Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston (UUP) all eliminated.

4.58pm: Court DEA: Geoffrey Wilson (IND) has been eliminated from the count.

4.36pm: Glengormley DEA: Green Party Deputy Leader Lesley Veronica has been eliminated.

4.30pm: Lisnasharragh DEA: Stephen Ferguson (TUV) has been eliminated.

4.29pm: Bradley Ferguson (DUP) elected in Lisnasharragh


4.28pm: Balmoral DEA: Lauren Kendall (Green Party) has been eliminated.

4.26pm: Balmoral DEA: Donal Lyons (SDLP) has been elected and retains his seat. 

4.21pm: Glengormley DEA update: Eamonn McLaughlin (Sinn Féin), Alison Bennington (DUP) and Paula Bradley (DUP) all elected so far.

4.19pm: Court DEA update: Claire Canavan (Sinn Féin) edges closer to being elected with just 20 votes shy of the quote of 1718.

3.58pm: CASTLE DEA update: After stage 2, no other candidates have been elected. Dean McCullough (DUP) closest to quota of 1758. When confirmed, 2 seats will be left. Sam Nelson (Alliance), Carl Whyte (SDLP) and Mal O'Hara (Green Party) all in contention.


3.24pm: Balmoral DEA- Sarah Mulgrew (SDLP) excluded.

3.10pm: Black Mountain DEA – Sinn Féin will definitely get five over the line in this seven-seater with Paul Doherty looking good for the other seat for SDLP. It will come down to transfers for the seventh between SF and People Before Profit with Aontú and IRSP having a big say.

3:00pm: Black Mountain DEA - Sinn Féin have increase their first preference votes from 2019 from 68.8 per cent to 72.5 per cent. SDLP have almost doubled their percentage from 5.6 per cent to 10.1 per cent at the expense of People Before Profit who sit at half their 2019 count with 8.2 per cent today.

2.53pm: Nick Cropper (PBP) has been eliminated in Lisnasharragh DEA.

2:49pm: First preference votes for the Black Mountain DEA. Quota is 1997

Ciaran Beattie (Sinn Féin) – 2336 (ELECTED)
Michael Donnely (Sinn Féin) – 2158 (ELECTED)
Arder Carson (Sinn Féin)– 2073 (ELECTED)
Aine McCabe - 1838
Paul Doherty (SDLP) – 1685
Ronan McLaughlin (Sinn Féin) - 1641
Róis-Maire (Sinn Féin) – 1536
Matt Collins (PBP) - 1316
Gerard Herdman (Aóntu) – 543
Dan Murphy (IRSP) – 426
Ursula Meighan (Worker’s Party) – 185
Ryan Brown (Aliiance) – 166
Stevie Maginn (IND) – 68

2.43pm: ELECTED: Arder Carson (Sinn Féin) is elected after the first count in Black Mountain DEA with 2,073 first preference votes.

2.42pm: ELECTED: Michael Donnelly (Sinn Féin) is elected after the first count in Black Mountain DEA with 2,158 first preference votes.

2:41pm: ELECTED: Ciaran Beattie (Sinn Féin) is elected after topping the poll in Black Mountain DEA with 2,336 first preference votes.

2:10pm: First pref votes for Castle DEA. Quota is 1758.

Brónach Anglin (Sinn Féin)- 2,479 (ELECTED)

Conor Maskey (Sinn Féin)- 2,068 (ELECTED)

Fred Cobain (DUP)- 1,775 (ELECTED)

Dean McCullough (DUP)- 1,671

Sam Nelson (Alliance)- 1,392

Carl Whyte (SDLP)- 1,047

Mal O'Hara (Green Party)- 979

Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston (UUP)- 553

Barney Doherty (PBP)- 250

Lilly Kerr (Worker's Party)- 86

2.08pm: ELECTED: Fred Cobain (DUP) is also elected after the first count in Castle DEA.

2.07pm: ELECTED: Conor Maskey (Sinn Féin) has also been elected after the first count in Castle DEA.

2.06pm: ELECTED: Brónach Anglin (Sinn Féin) has been elected in Castle DEA after topping the poll with 2,479 first preference votes.

1.52pm: First preference votes for the Lisnasarragh DEA are in and Davy Douglas of the DUP has topped the polls. He is the first elected in the area.
Davy Douglas (DUP) – 2083 – (Elected)
Séamas De Faoite (SDLP) – 1580
Michael Long (Alliance) – 1437
Stevie Jenkins (Sinn Féin) – 1231
Brian Smyth (Green Party) – 1157
Eric Hanvey (Alliance) – 1078
Anna McErlean (Alliance) – 961
Stephen Ferguson (TUV) – 368
Nick Cropper (PBP) – 200


13.42pm: First preference votes for Court DEA saw Frank McCoubrey (DUP) top the poll with Tina Black (Sinn Féin) coming second.

Frank McCoubrey (DUP) 2645 (Elected)

Tina Black (Sinn Féin) 1822 (Elected)

Nicola Verner (DUP) 1783 (Elected)

Claire Canavan (Sinn Féin) 1616

Ian McLaughlin (DUP) 993

Ron McDowell (TUV) 963

Billy Hutchinson (PUP) 679

Cailín McCaffrey (PBP) 408

Michael Kelly (IRSP) 399

Ally Haydock (Alliance) 329

Olcan McSparron (175)

Sara Haller (Green Party) 108

Tony Walls (Workers Party) 85

Geoffrey Wilson (IND) 18

Elected: Tina Black celebrates her election to BCC

Elected: Tina Black celebrates her election to BCC

Elected: Frank McCoubrey (DUP) celebrates being elected

Elected: Frank McCoubrey (DUP) celebrates being elected

13.33pm: Results from Court DEA now in. Tina Black (Sinn Féin), Frank McCoubrey (DUP) and Nicola Verner (DUP) have been elected.




13.21pm: Geraldine McAteer and Sean Napier of Sinn Féin celebrate Geraldine McAteer's election to Belfast City Council.


13.17pm: First preference votes for Balmoral DEA are:

Geraldine McAteer (Sinn Féin) 2037 (Elected)

Donal Lyons (SDLP) 1616

Tara Brooks (Alliance) 1522

Sarah Bunting (DUP) 1513

Micky Murray (Alliance) 1090

Gareth Spratt (DUP) 817

Joshua Lowry (UUP) 551

Sean Napier (Sinn Féin) 427

Sarah Mulgrew (SDLP) 323

13.15pm: Balmoral DEA: Geraldine McAteer of Sinn Féin has been elected on the first count. Geraldine's surplus votes will now be reallocated. Geraldine got 2,037 votes just under a fifth of the total vote.


1:05pm:Outgoing Sinn Féin councillor Geraldine McAteer neck-and-neck with Tara Brooks of Alliance for poll-topping position in Balmoral Electoral Area. Both likely to be elected on first count. Second SF candidate Seán Napier polling around 450 votes but unlikely to take second seat for the party.

1pm: SDLP Castle DEA candidate Carl Whyte on call as he hopes to retain his Council seat.


12.51pm: It is expected Sinn Féin will take two seats in Castle DEA with Conor Maskey and Brónach Anglin to be elected. If results go as expected the party will have two seats in the DEA, an increase of one seat.


12:39pm: Sinn Féin Castle DEA candidate Conor Maskey reflecting on what is expected to be a long day here at Belfast City Hall.


12.38pm: Green Party leader Mal O'Hara and Castle DEA candidate heading back into the count room.


12.36pm: Alliance Castle DEA candidate Sam Nelson is hoping to retain his Council seat.


12.33pm: Sinn Féin Balmoral candidates Geraldine McAteer and Sean Napier have arrived at Belfast City Hall.


11.50am: Electoral Office asked to comment on polling station 'decked out like Orange Hall' in South Belfast.

11:22am: Turnout for Black Mountain DEA is 59.98 per cent - up from 55.33 per cent in 2019, an increase of 4.65 per cent. A total of 16,280 voters in the area. 

10.32am: Turnout for Court DEA is 51.62 per cent - down from 52.12 per cent in 2019, a drop of 0.5 per cent.

10.29am: Turnout for Castle DEA is 53.23 per cent- up from 51.37 per cent in 2019.

10.25am: Turnout for Balmoral is 55.51 per cent. The total number of people who voted was 10,376 out of 18,691. In 2019 turnout was 52.21 per cent.

10.17am: Reported turnout for Lisnasharragh is 56 per cent which is up from 53.8 per cent in 2019.

9.50am: One DEA to keep an eye on today is Blackmountain where in 2019 Sinn Féin incredibly won six of the seven seats up for grabs. The other seat was taken by People Before Profit. Can Paul Doherty of the SDLP make a breakthrough today?

8.35am: Good morning. Counting has begun to elect 60 new councillors to sit on Belfast City Council after yesterday's local government election. 

On Friday, the make-up of five DEAs will be known: Balmoral (five to be elected), Black Mountain (seven to be elected), Castle (six to be elected), Court (six to be elected) and Lisnasharragh (six to be elected).

Stay with us throughout Friday and Saturday for live coverage of the count from Belfast City Hall.