12.13am: And that is a wrap folks. Thank you very much for following us over the past two days.

The make-up of the new Belfast City Council is as follows:

Sinn Féin - 22

DUP - 14

Alliance - 11

SDLP - 5

UUP - 2

Green Party - 3

TUV - 1

Independent - 1

People Before Profit - 1

12.12am: Collin DEA: Michael Collins (People Before Profit) is elected and takes the final seat in the area.

11.42pm: With one seat left to be declared- SDLP or People Before Profit, here is the current make-up of Belfast City Council.

59 out of 60 seats declared:

Sinn Féin - 22

DUP - 14

Alliance - 11

SDLP - 5

UUP - 3

TUV - 1

Independent - 1

Green Party - 3

11.39pm: Collin DEA: One seats remains to be filled at Belfast City Council. Following the transfers of Aontú, Michael Collins (People Before Profit) is 400 votes ahead of SDLP's Gerard McDonald.

Alliance candidate Eoin Millar has been eliminated and his transfers will decide who gets the final seat. Eoin has a final total of 647 votes.

10:55pm: Ormiston DEA is now complete. Anthony Flynn (Green Party) has a seat alongside Jim Rodgers (UUP) who have both been elected.

Your Ormiston councillors are as follows:

Christine Bower (Alliance)

James Lawlor (DUP)

Andrew McCormick (DUP)

Jenna Maghie (Alliance)

Ross McMullan (Alliance)

Anthony Flynn (Green Party)

Jim Rodgers (UUP)

10:50pm: Botanic DEA is now complete with the final two seats being won by Áine Groogan (Green Party) and also John Gormley (Sinn Féin).

The following five councillors have been elected:

Gary McKeown (SDLP)

Tracy Kelly (DUP)

Emmet McDonagh-Brown (Alliance)

John Gormley (Sinn Féin)

Áine Groogan (Green Party)

10.15pm: Oldpark DEA is complete and official declaration will take place soon. The following councillors have been elected:

Nichola Bradley (Sinn Féin)

Paul McCusker (Independent)

JJ Magee (Sinn Féin)

Jordan Doran (DUP)

Ryan Murphy (Sinn Féin)

Tomás Ó Néill (Sinn Féin)

10:09pm: Oldpark DEA: Ryan Murphy and Tomas Ó'Neill both of Sinn Féin have made the final two seats for the Oldpark area which means that all four Sinn Féin candidates have been elected. 

10:08pm: Oldpark DEA: Jordan Doran (DUP) has been elected and is now the only Unionist representative in the area.

10:04pm: Botanic DEA: Emmet McDonagh-Brown (Alliance) has been elected as the third councillor in the Area. 

9.43pm: Botanic DEA: Chris Ogle (Alliance) has been eliminated.

9.39pm: Botanic DEA: Following transfer of Tracy Kelly, the standings are as follows with 3 seats left to fill. Quota is 1766.

John Gormley (Sinn Féin)- 1591.46

Áine Groogan (Green Party)- 1394.16

Emmet McDonough-Brown (Alliance)- 1298.16

Emma-Jane Faulkner (Sinn Féin)- 1135.92

Chris Ogle (Alliance)- 912.50

9.24pm: Ormiston DEA: Ross McMullan (Alliance) is elected and secures the party's third seat in the area. Two UUP candidates- Jim Rodgers and Carole Howard and Green Party's Anthony Flynn vying for two remaining seats.

9.21pm: Collin DEA: Michael Collins (People Before Profit) now leads SDLP's Gerard McDonald by 451.31 votes. Aontú transfers to sort now. Alliance candidate Eoin Millar will be eliminated next.

9.20pm: Collin DEA: Following transfers of Julieann McNally, Aontú candidate Luke McCann has been eliminated.

8.57pm: Oldpark DEA: JJ Magee (Sinn Féin) is elected and secures the party's second seat in the area after poll-topper Nichola Bradley's success earlier. 

8.50pm: Ormiston DEA: Alliance candidate Caitlin Sullivan has been eliminated. The party cannot now make it a clean sweep of four out of four in the area. Three seats remain with 2 UUP, 1 Alliance and 1 Green Party all in contention.

8:37pm: Colin DEA: Clíodhna Nic Bhranair (Sinn Féin) has been elected. The party now has 5 out of 5 in the area and that leaves only one spot left in the Collin DEA.

8.22pm: Collin DEA: Clíodhna Nic Bhranair (Sinn Féin) is close to the quota and will be elected soon. In battle for final seat, People Before Profit Matt Collins (1338.14) leads SDLP's Gerard McDonald (985.23) by 352.91 votes. Julieann McNally transfers being done now.

8.19pm: Collin DEA: Following Green Party transfers, Julieann McNally (Independent) has been eliminated.

8pm: Oldpark DEA: Three Sinn Féin candidates and two DUP candidates remain with four seats left to fill. Current standings ahead of PBP transfers are:

JJ Magee (Sinn Féin)- 1714.05

Jordan Doran (DUP)- 1606.5

Ryan Murphy (Sinn Féin)- 1526.05

Tomás Ó Néill (Sinn Féin)- 1404.70

Gillian Simpson (DUP)- 1232.00

(Quota- 1766)

7.54pm: Oldpark DEA: Following TUV transfers, Fiona Ferguson (People Before Profit) has been eliminated and therefore lost her seat on Belfast City Council.

7:43pm: Botanic DEA: Tracy Kelly (DUP) has been elected in the area. There are still three seats remaining. The second DUP candidate Darren Leighton has been eliminated.

7.31pm: Ormiston DEA: John Hiddleston (TUV) has been eliminated. 2 Alliance, 1 Green and 2 UUP candidates remain in contention with 3 seats remaining.

7.27pm: Collin DEA: Ash Jones (Green Party) has been excluded in Collin. Clíodhna Nic Bhranair is close to making it 5/5 Sinn Féin councillors in the area. People Before Profit candidate Michael Collins (1,271.55) leads SDLP's Gerard McDonald (938.71). Green Party transfers being done now. 

6.55pm: Collin DEA: Independent candidate Tony Mallon has been eliminated.

6.50pm: Ormiston DEA: Jenna Maghie (Alliance) has been elected and secures the party's second seat in the area today. Two more Alliance candidates remain in contention. Huge cheers from the Alliance team, including leader Naomi Long.

6.43pm: Oldpark DEA: Ann McClure (TUV) has been eliminated from the count. PBP candidate Fiona Ferguson received 264 transfers from Alliance but is likely to lose her seat. Jordan Doran (DUP) is expected to benefit from TUV transfers as he was previously a member of the party and stood for them in West Belfast in last year's MLA elections.

6.39pm: Sinn Féin are officially the largest party of local government in the North and also currently the largest party in Stormont from last year's Assembly election. In an historic breakthrough the party have now achieved a confirmed over 135 seats beating the record set by the DUP who achieved 130.

6.04pm: Botanic DEA: Sipho Sibanda's (PBP) transfers have been counted. Áine Groogan (Green Party) benefitted most from these, receiving 209 and is now on 1299.

Tracy Kelly (DUP) and John Gormley (Sinn Féin) look likely to retain their seats leaving a final battle between Emma-Jane Faulkner (Sinn Féin) and Áine Groogan.

5.51pm: TITANIC DEA is complete. A declaration will take place shortly. The six elected councillors are: 

Ruth Brooks (DUP)

Sammy Douglas (DUP)

Fiona McAteer (Alliance)

David Bell (Alliance)

Pádraig Donnelly (Sinn Féin)

Sonia Copeland (UUP)

5.48pm: TITANIC DEA: Sitting councillor Sonia Copeland (UUP) claims the final seat in the area, ahead of DUP's third candidate George Dorrian, who loses his seat.


5.43pm: Titanic DEA: In a historic moment, Pádraig Donnelly (Sinn Féin) brother of Sinn Féin senator Niall Ó Donnghaile has been elected. Sinn Féin have now reclaimed their seat in the area, which was lost in 2019.

5.24pm: Collin DEA: Sinn Féin remain on course for 5 seats out of 6 in the area. 


5.18pm: Oldpark DEA: Chris Shannon (Alliance) has been eliminated. 

5.14pm: Collin DEA: Séanna Walsh (Sinn Féin) has been elected. Sinn Féin now have four candidates in the area and all of the seats declared so far.

5:03pm: Botanic DEA: Sipho Sibanda (PBP) has been eliminated in the latest round of the election count.

4:56pm: Titanic DEA: Gillian Hamilton (Green Party) has been eliminated in the latest count. 

4:48pm: Botanic DEA: Billy Dixon (TUV) has been eliminated in the latest count.

4.29pm: Ormiston DEA: Andrew McCormick (DUP) has been elected. He joins already elected James Lawlor. They will be hoping to secure a third seat with George Dorrian.

4:24pm: Titanic DEA: Double success for the Alliance as both David Bell and Fiona McAteer have been elected.

4:09pm: Collin DEA: Matt Garrett (Sinn Féin) has made it three out of three for the party in Collin. There are still three seats remaining in the area with Séanna Walsh (Sinn Féin) expected to make it four in the next round as his tally sits at 1910.62 just shy of the 1997 quota. Clíodhna Nic Bhranair (Sinn Féin) is at a steady 1671.44. The battle for that 6th seat is a close one but Michael Collins (PBP) has an almost 300 vote lead on Gerard McDonald (SDLP).

4.01pm: Oldpark DEA: Paul McCusker (Independent) has been elected, taking the second seat. Paul retains his Council seat as an Independent candidate, having left the SDLP earlier this year.

3.47pm: Titanic DEA: Sammy Douglas (DUP) has been elected, he will now join his son Davy Douglas (DUP) who was elected yesterday in Lisnasharragh DEA. 2/3 for DUP so far.

3.36pm: Overall turnout for the local Council elections across the North: Eligible electorate- 1,380,372 Total votes polled- 755,263 Turnout- 54.71 per cent (up from 52.7 per cent in 2019).

3.27pm: Oldpark DEA: Charlotte Carson (SDLP), Ange Cruz (Green Party), Fiona McCarthy (Workers Party) have been eliminated.

3.26pm: Botanic DEA: Paddy Lynn (Workers Party), Idris Maiga (Conservative and Unionist Party) and Neil Moore (Socialist Party NI) have been eliminated.

3.10pm: Collin DEA: Shaping up to be a battle between Michael Collins (PBP) and Gerard McDonald (SDLP) for the final seat, just like in Black Mountain DEA on Friday. Can the SDLP make another gain at the expense of PBP?

3.01pm: Collin DEA: First preference votes are now in. Joe Duffy and Caoimhín McCann (both Sinn Féin) have been elected. Quota is 1995- 6 to be elected.

Joe Duffy (Sinn Féin) 2559 (ELECTED)

Caoimhín McCann (Sinn Féin) 2350 (ELECTED)

Matt Garrett (Sinn Féin) 1924

Clíodhna Nic Bhranair (Sinn Féin) 1649

Séanna Walsh (Sinn Féin) 1521

Michael Collins (PBP) 1193

Gerald McDonald (SDLP) 903

Luke McCann (Áontu) 526

Eoin Millar (Alliance) 492

Julieann McNally (Ind) 368

Tony Mallon (Ind) 166

Patrick Crossan (Workers Party) 83

2:59pm: Colin DEA: ELECTION - Sinn Féin get two elected in the first round of votes as Joe Duffy tops the poll with 2559 and Caoimhin McCann 2350 surpassing the area Quota 1997. 

2.31pm: Titanic DEA: Anne Smyth (TUV) has been eliminated.

2.15pm: Latest update from Titanic DEA - David Bell (Alliance) is inching closer to a seat after the surplus of Ruth Brooks' (DUP) votes were counted. The Alliance man is just 28 votes away from a seat.

2.04pm: Ormiston DEA: Christine Bower (Alliance) tops the poll with 2661 votes followed by and James Lawlor (DUP) with 2397 votes. Both have surpassed the area quota of 1787 and are deemed elected.

Christine Bower (Alliance) – 2661 - (ELECTED)

James David Warnock Lawlor (DUP) – 2397 - (ELECTED)

Andrew William McCormick (DUP) - 1642 

Ross McMullan (Alliance) - 1480

Jenna Maghie (Alliance) - 1299

Jim Rodgers (UUP) - 1004

Anthony Flynn (Green Party) - 999

Caitlin Sullivan (Alliance) - 889

Carole Howard (UUP) - 847

John Hiddleston (TUV) - 680

Caitríona Mallaghan (Sinn Féin) - 174
Fiona Doran (PBP) - 117
Lorcan McGuirk (SDLP) - 106

1.52pm: Oldpark DEA first preference results are in (6 to be elected) QUOTA- 1766

Nichola Bradley (Sinn Féin)- 1,870 (ELECTED)

Paul McCusker (Independent)- 1,747

JJ Magee (Sinn Féin)- 1,619

Ryan Murphy (Sinn Féin)- 1,430

Tomás Ó Néill (Sinn Féin)- 1,330

Jordan Doran (DUP)- 1,263

Gillian Simpson (DUP)- 919

Fiona Ferguson (People Before Profit)- 700

Ann McClure (TUV- No Sea Border)- 595

Chris Shannon (Alliance)- 453

Charlotte Carson (SDLP)- 245

Ange Cruz (Green Party)- 149

Fiona McCarthy (Workers Party)- 46

1:48pm: Oldpark DEA: Sinn Féin representative Nichola Bradley has topped the poll with a vote total of 1870 in the first round of the count beating the area Quota of 1766.

1.45pm: Botanic DEA first preference results are in (5 to be elected) QUOTA- 1766

Gary McKeown (SDLP)- 1,881 (ELECTED)

John Gormley (Sinn Féin)- 1,533

Tracy Kelly (DUP)- 1,372

Emmet McDonough-Brown (Alliance)- 1,086

Emma-Jane Faulkner (Sinn Féin)- 1,048

Áine Groogan (Green Party)- 1,006

Chris Ogle (Alliance)- 728

Darren Leighton (DUP)- 649

Jeffrey Dudgeon (UUP)- 380

Billy Dickson (TUV- No Sea Border)- 312

Sipho Sibanda (People Before Profit)- 308

Neil Moore (Socialist Party NI)- 149

Paddy Lynn (Workers Party)- 89

Idris Maiga (Conservative and Unionist Party)- 52

1:43pm: Botanic DEA: SDLP's Gary McKeown has been Elected in Botanic with a voting count of 1881 in the first round of today's count beating the Quota of 1766 for the area.

1:40pm: Titanic DEA: SDLP candidate and Belfast Media Group columnist Elly Odhiambo has been eliminated in the Titanic DEA in South Belfast after the second round of the count.

1.24pm: DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has arrived at the count in Belfast City Hall. Speaking to the media, he said the DUP have a "strong mandate" in this election and hit out at commentators for putting a negative spin on the party's performance. He said he expects "developments" in the next few weeks on the Protocol with the British Government but stopped short of saying what they are.


1.18pm: Oldpark DEA: Early indications are Independent Paul McCusker will retain his seat, having recently left the SDLP. Sinn Féin sources confident of getting all four of their candidates elected. One DUP seat would conclude the six. 

12.58pm: WATCH: An update from our Maghnus Dunne on the state of play and what to look out for in the remaining Belfast DEAs today.

12.41pm: Votes of first preferences for Titanic DEA are now in. (Quota- 1423)

The results are as follows:

Ruth Brooks (DUP) 1690 - (ELECTED)

David Bell (Alliance) 1360

Pádraig Donnelly (Sinn Féin) 1284

Sammy Douglas (DUP) 1214

Fiona McAteer (Alliance Party) 1149

Sonia Copeland (UUP) 968

Gillian Hamilton (Green Party) 938

George Dorrian (DUP) 658

Anne Smyth (TUV) 564

Elly Odhiambo (SDLP) 129

12.35pm: Ruth Brooks (DUP) has been elected to Titanic DEA with 1690(!) votes against a quota of 1423 votes.

12.25pm: Of the 236,733 people eligible to vote in Belfast's ten DEAs, 125,574 votes were cast, resulting in an overall voter turnout of 52.98%. Here's the full breakdown for each area. 


12.18pm: Collin DEA: Eligible electorate- 24,938. Total votes polled- 14,217 Turnout- 57 per cent (up from 52.89 per cent in 2019).


11.29am: Ormiston DEA: Eligible electorate: 26,314. Total votes polled- 14,379. Turnout- 54.64 per cent (up from 52.43 per cent in 2019).


11.25am: Black Mountain DEA was the last to be declared on Friday. You can watch the declaration below as Sinn Féin secured six out of the seven seats with SDLP's Paul Doherty the other councillor elected.

11am: Oldpark DEA: Eligible electorate- 23,871. Total votes polled-12,559. Turnout- 52.61 per cent (52.42 per cent in 2019).


10.58am: Botanic DEA: Eligible electorate- 23,049. Total votes polled- 10,755. Turnout- 46.66 per cent (up from 44.76 per cent in 2019).


10.55am: Titanic DEA: Eligible electorate- 24,018. Total votes polled- 10,163. Turnout- 42.31 per cent (compared to 42.6 per cent in 2019).


10.36am: Hello, and welcome to our coverage of Day 2 of the election to Belfast City Council. After five DEAs were decided on Friday, we will find out the remaining five today.

By the end of play today, we will know the councillors elected for the following areas.

- Botanic (5 to be elected)

- Collin (6 to be elected)

- Oldpark (6 to be elected)

- Ormiston (7 to be elected)

- Titanic (6 to be elected)