Tairseach (the Association of Somatic Experiencing Practitioners in Ireland) notes with extreme concern the continuing abuses of fundamental Human Rights in Gaza and other Palestinian areas. In conjunction with our colleagues in the Family Therapy Association of Ireland, we wholeheartedly condemn the actions of all those parties responsible for bringing about the genocide now occurring in Gaza.

As trauma specialists we understand the wide-ranging impact of trauma on individuals, families, and societies, which research shows continues epigenetically for generations. As the weaponisation of famine and starvation is becoming a reality, we are compelled to protest at the disproportionate effects of the military onslaught on innocent Palestinians. We understand how the dominant prejudicial narratives from those in power, can lead to the dehumanisation of, and justification for, indiscriminate killing, which has been called genocide at the International Court of Justice. To date: 34,789 killed, 78,204 wounded, 11,000 missing in Gaza, including 496 health workers (Gaza Health Ministry 2.5.24) 

Mental health workers, as well as other medical professionals, bravely continue to work in Gaza, in the face of fear for their lives and their families’ safety.  We wish to express unreservedly our solidarity with our colleagues in Gaza and other Palestinian communities, and insist that they are given the freedom to perform their vital social role.

As an organisation we add our name to all our colleagues in the mental health field in Ireland and throughout the world who have already called for an immediate ceasefire, urgent humanitarian aid and an end to occupation and apartheid.

Finally, to those courageous individuals in Israel who do not support this attack on Gaza, Tairseach stands in solidarity with you and adds its voice to the national and international calls for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza, and for all sides committing to a negotiated sustained resolution.


Joelle Gartner

Publicity Officer of Tairseach on behalf of the Membership

Glen Road, Belfast.