A NEW photographic exhibition is promoting diversity after capturing stories of people from across many diverse communities who have made Belfast their new home.

'A Culture of Hope' exhibition was produced by the Westcourt Centre and Westcourt Camera Club in Barrack Street in collaboration with a number of local organisations and services supporting minority groups.

The exhibition is currently on display at St John's Parish Church on the Falls Road until the end of June.

The images, which are mainly portrait photographs, reflect the many cultures and communities that reside in the city.

Cormac McArt, from Westcourt Camera Club, explained: "The exhibition was originally part of the 4 Corners Festival. We wanted to look at people who have come from other countries and who are now part of our city.

"The aim is to try to promote tolerance and challenge racism. We wanted to capture the humanity in the photos, that you see a person and learn about their story, rather than just seeing a colour or nationality.

"We want to promote inclusivity and make these people very welcome and part of our community."

Fr Martin Magill, St John's Parish Priest, said he was delighted the church was hosting the exhibition.

"We are delighted to host the exhibition in St John’s," he said. "Our congregation here is more diverse and we see that in the local school and in mass every weekend.

"We want to say a big fáilte to everyone who comes into our community. It is a key part of the church as well."