WORK is underway to tackle is underway a growing rodent problem in the Andersonstown area. 

Black Mountain Councillor Áine McCabe met with residents and business owners around Slemish Way this week in a bid to tackle what locals says is a "severe" rat problem in the area. 

Cllr McCabe said a number of statutory agencies have been brought on board in a bid to rid the area of rodents. 

"The Environmental Health department in the Council were notified and are now working positively with local businesses to ensure the entries at Slemish are cleaned up," she said. "There were also traps that were baited and set while we are liaising with NI Water about ensuring the sewers are not breeding grounds for rodents."

The Sinn Féin rep said that while rats had not yet found their way into people's homes, the situation will be closely monitored in the time ahead. 

"We're keeping an eye on it and until we eradicate it we'll not be resting on our laurels," she added."

And Cllr McCabe said the rats' issue had highlighted the need to spruce up a local vacant plot. "There is green area that is railed off and I'm working with the Housing Executive to see what we can do with it because it is unsightly and it's attracting a lot of rubbish. We're looking at ways that we can reimagine and re-image the entire area."