A RESIDENT of an apartment block in the Cathedral Quarter area says she is "stressed out" after being told she has to leave her home by the end of April.

Agnes McCullough has lived in Coopers Court complex in Hill Street for over 20 years. In a dramatic development, residents have received a letter to inform them to leave by the end of the month. In a further letter, Radius Housing, who operate Coopers Court, said they would commence legal proceedings to any tenant who remains in the building after that date.

Agnes said: "This has been my home for over 20 years. I love living here. I am the longest tenant here.


"Radius have said the building is unfit to live in without any explanation. There is a lot of unanswered questions. Why haven’t they met with us residents to tell us what is going on? No one from Radius has been out to speak to me.

"I am not sleeping well and my health isn’t so good. I don’t need this stress of not knowing where I will be living come May."

Radius Housing said after discovering issues with the mains water supply that they have been left with no choice but to ask residents to vacate the building.

A spokesperson for Radius Housing said: "Radius Housing recently undertook a detailed inspection of Coopers Court following issues with the mains water supply. This was performed by a team of specialists with expertise in construction and safety.

"The inspection identified a number of issues which require significant works, including matters relating to safety standards within the building. Having considered the extensive nature of the works required, it has been decided that the most appropriate way of undertaking the remediation work is to fully vacate the building. 

"In February we informed the residents of this decision and began the process of decanting, with a view to having this process completed by the end of April 2024. Our staff have been providing advice and support to all tenants to assist them moving to a permanent home.  

"Radius has taken expert advice on the safety of tenants in the building and have put in place a number of enhanced safety measures whilst this re-accommodation process is underway. This includes a Fire Marshal who is now present on-site 24 hours per day, seven days per week, regular fire drills to support the ‘evacuation first’ procedures in the event of a fire incident and communication of this to all residents. 

"Radius staff have been working with each tenant, to provide advice on permanent accommodation, welfare payments, compensation and other issues. A number have already secured new accommodation, and we are continuing to work to support the other tenants, including arranging viewing and providing options on new accommodation."