THE debut coming-of-age play ‘Revved’ takes the audience on an emotional roller-coaster, providing an insight into a perspective never before seen on the stage.

The Letterkenny-born actor and playwrite Patrick Quinn plays Eamon, a young man on the cusp of his youth. Written retrospectively, the protagonist reflects on the year that changed his life forever. The personal tale is authentic and raw and audiences are engaged throughout. Its fast pace reflects that of its backdrop–  it’s International rally weekend in Donegal.


Directed by Emily Foran (The Half Moon), the 70-minute one man show encapsulates the very idea of being young and searching for your place in this world – the isolation, vulnerability and pressure; particularly that which comes from your peers.

The colloquial language used brought me back to my own youth of growing up in Donegal, the frequent use of the word ‘pure’ or ending every other sentence with ‘hi’, everyone is a ‘sham’ or ‘sir’ and a highly regarded compliment is being described as a ‘pure ride’. 

The play tackles a multitude of themes, Eamon having completed the Leaving Certificate has aspirations of attending Dublin City University but fears judgement from his peers about having notions about himself, instead of attending the local IT. On the night out, Eamon realises that there’s no room at the table for him to sit with his friends, and yet no one appears to be clearing a space to include him. 

Eamon reflects on a transitional period in his life. The use of the radio is prominent as it breaks Eamon from his reverie and brings him back to his present-day reality working in the storeroom. The stage is the only aspect of the play which remains unchanged. All Eamon’s dreams seem just an arm's length away, before a dark twist in the play emerges.

The play takes a turn when Eamon, accompanied by Katie Gallagher, the girl he likes, and his friend Cathal, decide to take a drive whilst intoxicated. The play has the original idea to use props to act as characters in the one-man show.

The mention of the car is highly descriptive, and we can imagine the scene vividly. The pressure Eamon faces evokes a range of emotions within us as the audience. From the moment Eamon steps into the car inebriated, the tension builds. 

Letterkenny born actor and playwright, Patrick Quinn

Letterkenny born actor and playwright, Patrick Quinn

Quinn’s words are powerful and his performance stays with you long after the final curtain has been drawn. The play ends much as it began with Eamon debating whether he deserves forgiveness for the wrong that he has done. The curtain closes and the radio plays as Eamon looks to the future in a new place, for a new start.