TALKS have taken place between Translink and Sinn Féin over the disruption to bus services in the Colin area.

Danny Baker MLA  and Cllr Caoimhín McCann have met with the transport provider to discuss disruption to the 10C shuttle service between the Colin Connect and the Poleglass. 

Cllr McCann described the latest meeting as ‘‘positive’’.

Translink have stated that ‘‘they are struggling with staff shortages and illnesses but are actively hiring’’.

‘‘Those jobs are there and are available, they are a good employer with a good pension and wage," said Cllr McCann.

‘‘It’s a brilliant opportunity for young people who can apply if they are over the age of 21.’’

As well as discussing ways in which the staff shortages can be tackled, the development of the Colin Connect was also on the agenda.

‘‘We want to populate the Colin Connect, making it more accessible and providing services for commuters," he said.

A coffee dock, café or even a small shop were some of the ideas on the table with the aim of it being  ‘‘sustainable and affordable’’ for the community. 

Translink vacancies can be found here.