RECENTLY I watched the movie Nomadland. Not only did this film achieve international recognition, but the Director, Chloe Zhao, is the first female Asian film director to win an Oscar.
Beforehand, I had read mixed reports about the movie, ranging from the movie being brilliant to it being slow-moving and boring. It tells the story of a woman (named Fern) who after losing everything due to recession, embarks on a journey through America in her van, living as a modern-day nomad.
I confess I loved the movie and found it deeply moving and challenging. On one hand, I was touched by her sense of loneliness as she drove from place to place. There were times you could really sense her grief over a life that was ripped away from her.
Yet on the other hand, I was captivated by the sense of community and the stories shared as she encountered many people on her journey. Every place, each person, each moment was truly treasured.

For those of us who never seem to nail the whole life and work balance, this is a must see movie. And while we may not feel the immediate urge to sell up and take to the open road, there really is something about slowing down that is pressing deep in my heart at the moment. Recently, I’ve been parked in this verse:
‘Attention all. See the marvels of God. He plants flowers and trees all over the Earth... Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your high God, above politics, above everything.’ (Psalm 46:10 msg.)
Have you ever felt too busy? This week I have no doubt that God halted my 256mph lifestyle with the words ‘step out of the traffic.’ The challenge is to...
• Step out of our deadlines.
• Step out of our constant phonecalls.
• Step out of our projects.
• Step out of the demands for our attention.
• Step out of our busyness.
• Step out of the traffic.
Are we up for this challenge? Take time out. Take some rest. Take moments to appreciate creation. Take the opportunity to connect/reconnect with God.

I know what it is to experience burn-out. I’ve been there.

So this one’s important to me.

Take the time and let’s step out of the traffic for a little while.