A NEW pedestrian bridge has been installed at Springfield Dam as the redevelopment of the site heads for an October completion.

Work has resumed on site following a pause in construction due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the £1.2million redevelopment, Councillor John Kyle said: "This is Forth Meadow Community Greenway which is part of a shared spaces project that Belfast City Council have developed with funding from the PEACE IV Project as part of SEUPB.

"We're about to have a bridge installed here on Springfield Down and that will connect these two sides of the city which, again, is all part of making connections between communities."

Cllr Kyle represents East Belfast but has been a longstanding supporter of the Springfield Dam project. 

"This is a whole patchwork of public spaces that are being regenerated and redeveloped to encourage people to get out, get out of their houses, get out of their cars," he said. "It also helps to facilitate inclusive growth and to stimulate the economy in this part of Belfast. There will be an interpretive hub here, an educational hub, people will rediscover their history, there will be whole legacy element to it.

"At Belfast City Council we talk about reimagining Belfast as somewhere that is beautiful, that is being regenerated, that is welcoming and where people can live a healthy life and be connected to nature and then make those connections with one another.

"This is creating space where people can meet together and can enjoy really what is a beautiful part of the city."