OB Construction Intermediate Football Championship, Group One

Ardoyne Kickham's 4-9 St Patrick's, Lisburn 1-5

Ardoyne soundly overcame the challenge of St Patrick’s at 'The Cricky' on Saturday in the opening round of the Intermediate Football Championship.

The North Belfast men started out strong, playing a solid game which was set within the first 30 minutes.

The match got off with Ardoyne putting themselves 3-3 into the lead within the first 15 minutes, with points flying in from Fiontann Marley, Eoghan Corrigan, and Conor McLaughlin, and three goals put away with ease from Declan McCormick and two masterful goals from Kevin Lynch.

St Patrick’s barely had a touch on the ball until the 15-minute mark, when Conor Dixon scored a free, earning the Lisburn men their first point.

With 20 minutes in, Ardoyne made their first substitution with Ciaran McNeill coming on to replace Odhran Mullan, this was followed a moment later by another goal from Ardoyne’s Declan Mullan. A free to Ardoyne resulted in another point a few moments later from Conor McLaughlin.

Play continued until the half-time whistle went without another point from each, finishing with an overwhelming Ardoyne lead, with the scoreline 3-5 to 0-1.

POINT: Oísin McVicker scores a free

POINT: Oísin McVicker scores a free

St Pat’s managed to get another point from an Eoin Dixon free, but they still seemed to be struggling against the might of Ardoyne, who fired back a moment later with a free earning a point for Conor McLaughlin.

Ardoyne took over the next few minutes, with points coming in thick and fast with quick work on the ball from Fiontann Marley and another goal in the back of the net from Declan McCormick putting the North Belfast men further clear.

St Patrick’s got in another two points from the McMullan, Josh and Jack, but the gap was still hugely in Ardoyne’s favour, with 14 points the gap.

The Lisburn men picked up a little towards the end of the game, with a free from Paddy Toner, but Ardoyne struck back again with a free from Ciaran McNeill.

St Pat’s did manage to get a goal when Paddy Toner took a great run, clearing the ball through; this was preceded by a point from Oisín Gorman, putting the final tally for the Lisburn side at 1-5. 

In the final moments of the game, St Patrick’s Josh McMullan was sent off with a black card for arguing with the referee, but the game had long ago been decided.

SENT OFF: Josh McMullan is shown a black card

SENT OFF: Josh McMullan is shown a black card

Ardoyne finished the game as they’d played the whole way through, methodically and with quick passing and great play, earning a final two points, a free from ‘keeper Tiernan Hughes and Oisín McVicker bringing the final score to Ardoyne 4-9, St Patrick’s 1-5.

ARDOYNE: T Hughes (0-1), C McDowell, O McVicker (0-1), S J Rooney, P Montgomery, F Marley (0-2), G McKernan, K Lynch (2-0), D McCormick (2-1), D Moore, C McLaughlin (0-3), E Corrigan (0-1), P Marley, O Mullan, A Davidson

Subs: C McNeill (0-1) for Odhran Mullan (20 mins), F Marley for C Magee (50 mins)

ST PATRICK’S: P O’Neill, S Casey, T Burns, Jack McMullan (0-1), O Gorman (0-1), S Burns, C Ewing, C Burns, M Torbitt, F McMeel, M Chernek, E Dixon (0-1), Josh McMullan (0-1), R Kennedy, C Dixon (0-1)

Subs: F McMeel for P Toner (1-1) (26 mins), E Fay for M Torbitt (Half-time), S Burns for Jude McMullan (50 mins)