The first domestic dust-up of the night at the SSE Arena on Saturday ended in a controversial draw between Ruadhan Farrell and Gerard Hughes.

The 57-57 card was greeted with gasps as all had believed Farrell to have done more than enough over the six rounds to take it.

Certainly, Hughes was competitive but appeared to have been outgunned, yet that was not the verdict of referee Hugh Russell Jr.

Farrell, taller and longer, was first to find the target with a right and he seemed happy to wait for Hughes' advances before countering.

The Ballycastle man was pressing forward and had his moments, but was picked off a couple of times towards what was a good opener for North Belfast's Farrell.

Hughes worked well off the jab early in the second in a mission to get inside Farrell's long ramrod, switching stances on occasion and he was starting to enjoy success, but also forced to take what seemed heavier fire in response.

It was warming up nicely going into the third with both now settled in and a good left from Hughes found the target early in three.

But while he was completive, the better work was coming from Farrell who was not adverse to a battle up close and he seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges.

That became clear in then fourth with blood pouring from the nose of Hughes as Farrell poured it on, continuing in the same vein in the fifth as he was now in control and seeming to look for the finish.

Hughes was still full of heart, trying everything to turn the tide and got through with a decent left to the body, but there was just not enough on it to deter Farrell.

Both threw everything at it in the final round with Farrell looking for the stoppage and Hughes trying everything to get on top but it seemed Farrell was the victor at the end, but not so.

Belleeks' middleweight Fearghus Quinn improved to 9-0 as he scored a 60-54 points win over Bulgaria's Angel Emilov, but did come through a little adversity after a clash of heads opened a cut over his right eye in the fourth.

The visitor was completive in the second half of the fight and perhaps ought to have nicked a round, but Quinn was worthy of the win and marches on.