NOTHING really big has happened to justify Brexit. For example, we haven't seen any saving of the sterling pound economy from wastage. This was one of the major claims of the people who wanted the United Kingdom to leave the EU. 

Leading proponents of Brexit like Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister, argued that the UK paid the EU some £350 million a week ­– money which should be used by the National Health Service. It was nonsense on stilts that a grown-up man like Johnson could make such outrageous claims.  So far there has not been any impact of EU money being saved by the British Government and given to the Health Service since Brexit.

The NHS is a huge organisation and system, it is essentially a beast with its own needs and the lie that Europe used to impact negatively on its operation by draining money from the UK was ridiculous.  So many Brexiteers believed that that Leave prescription was good for the NHS. Now we are here, the North of Ireland, immersed in its unique position which has defined it through the Irish sea border Protocol, and continuing to face very serious economic problems.  

If the UK and Ireland don't embark on industrialisation of epic proportions, then Brexit is going to be just another passing cloud that wasn't even worth the headache and really “irritating”, according to a person who works at  Stormont.  Fair play to the frontline people who deal with the post-Brexit things like lack of staffing in various jobs. Recruitment has become a problem for many companies for the likes of lorry drivers, case workers, hospitality staff and many essential parts of the economy.

• There have been low figures for race-motivated hated crimes in the North recently. This is something laudable. Yes, the Irish and British landscapes are receiving many people from non-white and non-Irish/British ethnic profiles but the news sounds fantastic that hate crime is kind of diminishing. Maybe we just wait and hope for the best.  It is important that integration of the migrant is a central part of this migration.When we travel the seas and land in a place in unfamiliar to us, we should try to integrate, it helps to pacify the reactionary types, those who don't see good in a bit of colour.

I am no fan of conservative politics but we have to admit that now there is a British Prime Minister and an Irish Tánaiste of Indian heritage at the same time.  This is good for representation even if we don't have to agree with the ideologies of Leo Varadkar and Rishi Sunak.