CALLS have been made for threats against a well-known West Belfast mural artist to be withdrawn after a number of men visited his home this week.

In March Danny Devenny and a number of artists unveiled 12 striking images on the International Wall on Divis Street highlighting the genocide in Gaza. Since March over 35,000 people have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza.

Now it has been revealed that two men visited Danny’s home this week and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t return an Irish Republican Prisoners’ Welfare Association mural board to the wall, which had been removed along with other murals to accommodate the huge Gaza mural. The IRPWA represents New IRA prisoners.

Danny said that threatening to shoot him over a mural is “ludicrous”.

Outgoing West Belfast MP Paul Maskey has called for the threat to be withdrawn.

He said: “World renowned and hugely respected mural artist Danny Devenny has been painting the International Wall along with local and international artists for decades now.

“The wall is a canvas for social justice issues. It is one of Belfast’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting interest with tour groups and visitors the world over.

Paul Maskey with Danny Devenny at the International Wall

Paul Maskey with Danny Devenny at the International Wall

“Danny Devenny and a team had consulted with local residents and various campaign groups who had their own messages on the wall. All agreed to support the ground-breaking Gaza initiative and murals would be replaced at a later date.

“However, a number of men visited his home and threated him, told him they have no interest in Palestine and that he must put their mural up, which is linked to the political group Saoradh.

“I am calling for the threat to be removed immediately and for Danny and his team to continue their critical solidarity work highlighting the horrific genocide in Gaza.

“Threats against our cultural and artistic community involved in vital solidarity work are despicable and do nothing to advance any cause.

“I’m confident the people of West Belfast will stand in solidarity with Danny and his team and with the people of Palestine.”