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Lighting an educational fire, Blackboard Awards 2023

Schools are the spine of a successful Belfast — and in no small part that is down to the unstinting commitment of our teachers to ensure that every pupil reaches his or her full potential.

In the classrooms of Belfast, every child is a champion — and every teacher is a leader, encouraging each of their charges to set their sights ever-higher. For our honourees, education is very much about firing up the imagination and sparking a life-long thirst for learning. 

With the Blackboard Awards, we give the community an opportunity to spotlight the amazing endeavour of our teachers and to thank them for a job well-done.

The 11th annual Blackboard Awards give you a chance to recognise the teaching stalwarts who embody the very best of Belfast. We welcome nominations for teaching assistants, teachers, principals and support staff at our schools. In this uncertain time, all deserve our praise. #Blackboardawards 

Get nominating....

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