Maybe the HET (Historical Enquiries Team) should take a leaf out of London's Metropolitan Police's book.  Within hours of the London riots (August 2011) the Metropolitan Police had issued calls for witnesses to come forward with information, released CCTV images and called for those involved to hand themselves in and admit their involvement in the riots and the looting of shops and businesses.

Given that the HET has concluded nearly all of their reports into killings carried out during the 1970s, in which hundreds of civilians were killed, I have yet to hear of one appeal being made by the HET calling for witnesses into the killings carried out by British soldiers or of those involved in their cover-up to come forward and admit their guilt.

Maybe it is now time for those investigators who have been seconded or retired from the Metropolitan Police into the HET to return to London for a refresher course on how to conduct a witness appeal into serious crime, including state murder.

I. Marley,