SOUTH Belfast schools are celebrating another crop of high-flying pupils, following GCSE result success. Following the trend by students right across the North, local schools produced some of their best ever results. In Victoria College, a whopping 14 per cent of pupils achieved 10 or more A star or A grades, while at least seven A grades or A stars were awarded to 30 per cent of the overall year group.

Three high fliers were pupils Azka Yousaf, who landed a mind-boggling 13 A star and A grades, while pals Basma Salem and Aya Helmy made do with 12 A stars each.

Principal Patricia Slevin said: “We are over the moon with the achievements this year, and are thrilled to see so many of the girls fulfilling their potential and scoring such amazing high grades.

“Six girls scored 11 A star and A grades, and eight were awarded 10 of the same. This has been a remarkable year.”

Meanwhile, in Wellington College, staff are celebrating their “most successful GCSE year ever”, and Principal Matthew Pitts praised pupils including Heather and Kelly Millar (no relation), who achieved 10 A stars, and Jonathan Garrett, who received 8 A stars.

“What a year it has been, this has to be our most successful GCSE year ever,” said the principal.

“There has been a significant rise in the overall number of pupils achieving A stars to C grades. In English, we saw fantastic results with 99 per cent of all pupils scoring between an A star and a C.

“We are all very proud of our pupils, and their results are testament to the hard work and commitment they put into their studies. We hope to welcome them back for their A Level years this autumn.”