FROM I was a young teenager I have been marching and agitating in support of the people of Palestine.

It has today, like many issues, become a populist one and that’s good to see. I can remember a time when few advocated for Palestine. It’s great to see the thousands of people in support of Palestine now.

The question I got asked for years was how come you're gay and support Palestine? Well, the answer is clear: I support Palestine because it’s about liberation. It’s hypocrisy wanting LGBTQ liberation and not wanting it for others. I know LGBTQ Palestinians and just like their straight counterparts they are suffering the Zionist regression.

Many people don’t want to speak about the homophobia of Israel, but only Palestine.

Israeli Zionists have attacked and murdered LGBTQ people in Israel including an attack on an LGBTQ centre and an LGBTQ youth festival, where a young person was murdered. Zionism is no friend to LGBTQ people. I oppose anti-Semitism, as I do homophobia/transphobia.

I support the right of Palestine people to defend themselves and their homes and community and families against Zionism. LGBTQ liberation, Irish liberation and Palestinian liberation is something I believe in, as you can’t demand liberation for one group of people and stay silent on the liberation of others .

Seán Óg Garland,

Beál Feírsté 10