I HAVE been a Sinn Féin voter since the very first time I voted back in 1983.

I have happily voted for them in every election since. Local, MLA elections, and the Westminster elections, however, I am now doubting if I will vote for them again. The reason for that is Palestine.
For as long as I can remember Sinn Féin have been steadfast in their support of the Palestinian people and it is an issue very close to my heart as my son-in-law is from Gaza.
The only emotion I can describe is outrage when I saw that Sinn Féin voted down the motion to expel the Israeli ambassador and demand sanctions on the rogue state of Israel over its war crimes.
I understand pragmatism in politics and understand in the North we all have to sometimes hold our noses to make things work together but over the last number of years I have been increasingly dissatisfied with Sinn Féin dropping their more radical approaches and moving towards the centre ground.
The refusal to vote for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador has been the last straw for me and my family.
Sinn Féin need to remember when they get into power, who put them there, and it was those on the streets and in the rural areas who radically stood up for what they believe in, and we believe overwhelmingly in Palestine.
Take a stand Sinn Féin and return to your radical roots.
Ger O'Hagan

West Belfast