AN application for a controversial Orange Order 'return' parade in North Belfast has been rejected by the Parades Commission.

Ligoniel lodges had applied for for a "homeward return parade" on the Crumlin Road on the morning after the Twelfth. 

The Orange Order said the application was a "replacement" for an earlier application for an evening 'return' parade on July 12.

Having met on Wednesday to discuss the applications, the Parades Commission revealed on Friday both have been rejected.

The controversial return Twelfth parade past Ardoyne, Mountainview and the Dales was the scene of violent clashes in the past and has not taken place since 2016.  

In 2016, Crumlin Ardoyne Residents' Association (CARA) signed an agreement with the Ligoniel lodges with both sides making concessions that ended a long-running dispute over marching in the area, including no evening return parade past Ardoyne shops.

For the 10am morning 'return' parade on July 13, the determination read: "The parade shall not pass the part of the notified route from the junction of Woodvale Road and Woodvale Parade to the junction of Crumlin Road and Wheatfield Gardens.

"Instead, the parade shall assemble and depart from the junction of Crumlin Road and Wheatfield Gardens to its notified dispersal point at Ligoniel Orange Hall."

A determination on the original 'return' evening parade on July 12 also ruled: "The parade shall not pass the part of the notified route beyond the junction of Woodvale Woodvale Parade and Woodvale Road.

In a statement, residents' group CARA said they "welcome the Parades Commission's determinations concerning applications by Orange Order Lodges' parades past the Ardoyne and Mountainview districts on the 12th and 13th of July this year.

"This common sense determination, supports the agreement of 2016, which helped bring about years of peace and normality during the annual marching period and facilitated the continuing building of relationships across the community."