FIFTY years ago, a group of dedicated individuals came together to create a platform for the voices of the Andersonstown community. And for the past half century, we have been committed to bringing you the latest news, analysis, and opinions from the heart of West Belfast.

To mark this monumental milestone, we launched our first ever podcast – Over The Wire which reflects on the stories and the people that we have covered over the last five decades.
From Mother Teresa’s time living in Springhill, the quest for equality for the LGBTQIA+ community and the development of Féile an Phobail, we have enjoyed looking back and chatting to those who were there at the time of the events.

Speaking about the podcast, journalist James McCarthy said: "Throughout our history, the Andersonstown News has been a champion for the people of our community. We have stood up for their rights, shone a light on the issues that matter to them, and given a voice to those who might not otherwise be heard.
"But being a journalist at the Andersonstown News is not just about reporting the news – it is about being a part of the community. We are deeply rooted in the fabric of West Belfast, and we take our responsibility to our readers seriously.

"Over the years, we have faced many challenges – from political and social upheaval, to the ever-changing landscape of the media industry. But despite these challenges, the Andersonstown News has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering quality journalism to our readers and to exploring new ways to reach them such as with our podcast.

"As we look ahead to the next fifty years, we are confident that the Andersonstown News will continue to be a vital part of the community, and a trusted source of information for our readers.

"So here's to the next fifty years of the Andersonstown News – may we continue to serve our community with integrity, passion, and commitment."

You can listen to the podcast on our website – or wherever you get your podcasts.