AN onsite meeting has taken place as a first step towards finding a solution to flooding at the bus terminus on the Glen Road.

For a number of years now, flooding in the area has plagued nearby homes in the Glenveagh area of Lenadoon during heavy downpours.

A recent door-to-door consultation by Lenadoon Community Forum found the issue of flooding at the bus terminus and blocked drains was raised time and time again by local residents.

Now Lenadoon Community Forum have met with representatives from NI Water, Department for Infrastructure and Housing Executive for a site meeting and some preliminary work to clean out drains close to the bus terminus.

The meeting took place on Friday at the terminus site

The meeting took place on Friday at the terminus site

Local Sinn Féin councillor Arder Carson said: "This has been an issue for a very long time now when the bus terminus becomes overwhelmed when there is heavy rain and causes flooding into Lenadoon.

"There are a number of solutions including today with the cleaning out of the drains but also new piping and infrastructure which is needed, including on Hannahstown Hill.

"Residents have been badly impacted by this. The sheer amount of water that flows into Lenadoon from the terminus totally overwhelms people's front and back gardens."

Paddy O'Donnell, from Lenadoon Community Forum, added: "While talking to residents in Glenveagh Park the issue of flooding and blocked drains was raised and residents said they had been requesting that these issues be addressed for quite a while now and that no one from the statutory bodies seemed to be interested in doing anything about it.

"We immediately brought the situation to the attention of the Housing Executive and on seeing the video of the recent flooding they immediately contacted the Department for Infrastructure who had responsibility for roads and drainage.

"The Housing Executive were concerned that the situation had the potential to have an adverse effect on the lives of their tenants and on their properties.

"A site meeting was quickly arranged and was attended by representatives of the Housing Executive, Department for Infrastructure, local residents and representatives from Lenadoon Community Forum.

"The Forum would like to thank Lisa Stitt from the Housing Executive who took the time to quickly arrange the site meeting."