PALM Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week and for many Christians this is an extremely significant week as we take the time to reflect ON the journey to the cross.

Palm Sunday is a reminder that Jesus arrived at Jerusalem not on a horse (which was a symbol of power and authority) but on a donkey. 

The One who washed feet.

The One who crossed every barrier.

The One who was on his way to die on a cross for his enemies

The One who ate with doubters, questioners, wanderers, misfits – and even those who would betray him.

The One who learned the trade of a carpenter and at whose table everyone was welcome.

Holy Week was both beautifully human and divine. A week when Jesus's disciples would argue over who is the greatest, then betray and deny him. A week when Jesus would wash feet, serve others, welcome all, and end up beaten, mocked and abandoned. The messiness and meaning of life all captured in this week. Oh, the mystery!

As we step into Holy Week, I pray that the story of Easter will captivate us afresh and that we will be reminded of His love, presence, forgiveness, grace and acceptance as we journey this messy life.

Our world is longing for light to break into our dark places. I pray that, as we once again reflect on the Easter story, that His light will permeate every part of our being.

Friends, have a blessed Holy Week.