The official launch of An Dream Dearg’s website took place on Friday at Cultúrlann Mac Adam Ó Fiaich as part of Féile an Phobail. 

The bilingual website is user-friendly and divided into sections: Information, Campaigns, Tools, Videos, News and Podcasts.

The information section of the website informs users of An Dream Dearg’s history, the major milestones in their long-standing campaign with emphasis on the #AchtAnois campaign which ‘‘highlighted the pressing need for a rights-based, standalone Irish Language act.’’

An Dream Dearg’s Cuisle Nic Liam spoke of the many amenities available on the website including the campaigns An Dream Dearg promote, the News section, which acts as both a media archive and a platform for Irish Language activists, focuses on the Acht Anois campaign and other community-led movements.

‘‘We are very passionate about having the voice of the community at the centre of this website," she said. 


‘‘On the website, you can check if there is Irish language signage on your street and if not you can make a request to the authorities.’

‘‘To give some context, we have made a 5-star rating based on the councils' policies on Irish Language signage. There were councils with weak policies or unfortunately there were councils with no policies at all. Based on this, we gave a rating out of 5.’’

The 5-star rating system used was based on 5 United Nations-certified criteria. 

You can find out more at the website.