The Nearby shop in Dunmurry has been going above and beyond your average corner shop for the local community. Since opening in May, the owners of the ‘The Dunny’ have been supporting the area with a range of community centred initiatives. 

The McCann’s who own the family-run business are very conscious of the ongoing cost of living crisis and wanted to support the community in any way that they could. Most recently the shop has launched a free period products initiative tackling period poverty. 


“Looking around the local community, it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue: the cost of living crisis,” said Fra McCann, owner of the Nearby shop.

“I’m sure there’s young girls out there who might be embarrassed to come in and get something like period products or might not have enough money. We spoke to the kids from the local area and saw they were doing some initiatives and thought let’s get on board with that. 

“It’s a great initiative and we would be proud to support people in the area. We plan to run with it, there is no timescale to end the initiatives at all.”

The period products are located within the shop for people to take when needed and are clearly labelled ‘free’ to notify customers.

This inspiring initiative is just one of many established by the shop since it opened.

The shop provided a free special treat to local school kids in the area who were awarded ‘Pupil of the Week’. The school kids who went to the shop with their certificate were given treats such as a lollipop or a free slush puppy, much to the children’s delight.

The shop has also supported local businesses including Survitec with stock for a local food bank as well as sponsoring Colin Suicide Prevention Charity West Wellbeing with laptops.

“The feedback from the community has been absolutely amazing,” says Fra. “Particularly about how high the standard of the shop is, the great consumer service, how friendly the staff are.

“We like to keep everything like one wee local hub.”